“Miss Philippines had the Best Answer! So Why did USA Win Miss Universe 2012?”

Philippines vs USA - moment before Olivia Culpo is announced the WINNAH!

Philippines vs USA – moment before Olivia Culpo is announced the WINNAH!

“Miss Philipines had the Best Answer! So Why did USA Win Miss Universe 2012?”

That seems to be the major, major question being asked by all who watched the Holiday Edition of Miss Universe 2012 which was held in Las Vegas. But let me put forward a few theories:

1) The Miss Universe pageant does not put so much emphasis on the best in Q&A.

2) Miss USA had more charm when she answered her question.

3) If China can win on Chinese soil (Miss World 2012) and Japan can win on Japanese soil (Miss International 2012) then USA can win on US soil. Gumaganti lang si DT. Or its a conspiracy between all three nations.

4) Politics was involved.

5) (This is from my regular commenter Cool Brew) Since Miss Universe will be a commercial endorser & will be or eventually will be (I’m not sure about this) under Trump Modeling Agency, the logical choices to be crowned would either be Croatia or U.S.A.

6) (This is from my friend JP) They could not crown Janine Tugonon because she is too similar to the previous queen Leila Lopes of Angola.

Do you have any theories of your own? Please share in the comments section.


Meantime…. Janine Tugonon is the hottest name on the internet!

Unfortunately for the USA, Olivia Culpo’s win got less attention on Twitter and Facebook. More people are talking about The Philippines’ Janine Tugonon and her strong answer in the final Q&A. The general sentiment seems to be that she should have won it.

The worldwide attention over Janine’s answer reminds of what happened toVenus Raj and Shamcey Supsup during their Miss Universe stints – Venus who placed 4th Runner-up in 2010 got the attention of international press with her Major, Major answer and Shamcey who placed 3rd Runner-up in 2011 also got the most attention in her batch for her answer where she put her faith before love. All three Filipina beauty queens TRUMPED their winners in terms of worldwide attention.

But I wonder what level-headed Americans and other nationalities think? Did Janine Tugonon of the Philippines really have a better answer than Olivia Culpo of the USA? And should the girl with the best answer win Miss Universe? Please share your thoughts!


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And the BEST TWEET AWARD GOES TO KATHLYN JANE below for reminding us that we have very little time to enjoy our successes in life!

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As for me, I agree that Janine Tugonon of the Philippines had the best answer out of the Top 5 but even if she didn’t win the crown, she won the hearts of people with her gracious answer. Olivia Culpo of the USA is a worthy winner and although she wasn’t really a choice of mine, I celebrate her victory.

Would love to hear your reactions so leave a comment below! And I would love to hear from Olivia Culpo’s supporters. But please, no rudeness toward any candidate or nation, just world peace!