ABQ Guests on TV5’s Metro Sabado!

Spent 2 hours yesterday morning (Jan. 19, 2013) talking to Metro Sabado hosts Izza Reniva Cruz and Alex Tinsay. I was their special guest interview along with my hubby Ron Titular.

My portion came first; I talked about my career, my Mom (the wind beneath my wings) and how she pushed me to compete in pageants, how I got big-headed and bratty and the life lessons I learned from being rebellious.

My hubby Ron T. talked about his disability – being half-deaf and yet called to do work in Radio, a field where sound and hearing are important. The purpose of his segment is to give inspiration to other PWDs or People with Disabilities.

Ron ended the show by singing a short goodbye song that Donnie and Marie always sang at the end of their show. If you know Donnie and Marie then we know how old you are, aajahahahahaa!

Thanks to Izza Reniva Cruz and Alex Tinsay for the wonderful time at Metro Sabado – you can catch their morning show every Saturday on TV5’s RadyoTV on 92.3FM!