Beauty Queen Spotlight: Joyce Agsaway – Mrs. Philippines Globe 2012!

Joyce Pascual Agsaway cried like a baby when she won Mrs. Globe Philippines 2012!

Joyce Pascual Agsaway cried like a baby when she won Mrs. Globe Philippines 2012!

It is NEVER too late for you to join a beauty pageant, thanks to the emergence of Mrs Pageants where married women and moms can fulfill their dreams of competing for a crown and scepter! ABQ got to meet and greet Joyce Agsaway, Mrs. Philippines Globe 2012 who thought all her beauty queen dreams were put to rest when she settled down to have a family.  Here’s her story:

To join or not to join

When Joyce heard from a friend about the search for Mrs. Philippines Globe last year (2012), her heart skipped a few beats. Was this her chance to become a beauty queen? She had given up on the beauty queen dream in her youth because she was a UP Scholar and had no time for anything outside of her studies. After graduating, she got caught up in work and then eventually got married.

Hearing about the pageant revived her dreams of wearing a crown so Joyce mentioned it to her hubby Armand. He ended up getting more excited than her an told her to go for it. But she had one big obstacle – she still carried some ‘pregnancy weight’ after having their first child Clarence. She was about 165 lbs at the time and felt that she was too heavy. But she gathered up the guts (pun intended) to contact the pageant’s organizers who welcomed her just as she was. In fact, she was one of the last contestants to be screened.

Winning Mrs. Philippines  Globe 2012

“It was totally unexpected.” Joyce Agsaway gushes. “Happy na ako when I entered the Top 8. So when I was announced the winner, I couldn’t believe it! I cried like a baby so lahat ng coronation photos ko, umiiyak ako.” It was a tough competition for Joyce – she was up against former Bb. Pilipinas finalists and PMAP models while she had very little modeling experience.

But she knew what her assets were: her height of 5’10” and great communication skills – two things she highlighted during the Q&A portion. “My question was: What do you think your edge is in this competition? Sabi ko – ‘Aside from being the tallest contestant, I embody the true essence of  woman. I am a good wife to my husband, a good Mom to my son. I have a great career and most of all, I have an amazing God!'”

Joyce Agsaway with her beautiful family!

Joyce Agsaway with her beautiful family! Armand, her hubby and Clarence, their son.

The Top 5 Reasons Why ABQ LOVES Joyce Agsaway:

1) Her skin is worthy of 10 billboards on Edsa! Joyce Pascual Agsaway has that perfect porcelain skin, blemish-free at glowing pa.

2) Maganda siya mag-bihis: Corporate but dressed-down for our interview. (Jacket top with jeans and flats. Pearls for accessories).

3) She quite the Amazon at 5’10” and has that beauty queen dating.

4) Simple lang ang beauty niya pero captivating – mala Leah Salonga or Bernadette Allyson.

5) Joyce looks much younger than her age of 28 years.

Preparing for Mrs Globe 2012

Joyce Agsaway only had one month to get ready for the international pageant which was to be held in Rancho Mirage, a resort city in California. From 165lbs, she was able to whittle herself down to 140lbs by giving priority to breakfast and eating the right amount of food: a meal would consist of a palm-full of veggies, a fist of meat and 1/4 cup rice. Her choice of exercise was running and occasionally lifting weights.

Aside from the physical preparation, Joyce went through training under image consultant and beauty queen Patty Betita and Miss World Philippines Evangeline Pascual who happens to be her aunt. “Tita Evangeline did not know that I joined Mrs. Globe Philippines until a few days before coronation night. She was so happy kasi matagal na niyang dream na maging beauty queen ako!

Joyce adds that the support she got from the Mrs. Philippines Globe organizers was more than she expected. “They got three designers (Pablo Cabuhay Pablo Cabahug, Ronald Enrice and Edwin Uy) to make my entire wardrobe so everyday I had different outfits na planado.” She addeds that they even provided for her own make-up artist, Sonny Deleva, who flew with her to LA. She laughed adding, “Sonny and I would be up first thing in the morning just to do air-brush make-up!”

Joyce x 2 !!! ABQ Blog Author Joyce Burton Titular (left) with Mrs. Philippines Globe 2012 Joyce Agsaway

Joyce x 2 !!! ABQ Blog Author Joyce Burton Titular (left) with Mrs. Philippines Globe 2012 Joyce Agsaway

Competing at Rancho Mirage

There were about 40 countries competing at the Mrs. Globe 2012, Joyce says. She was pleasantly surprised because several of them were on the heavy side. Although glad that she was able to lose weight for the pageant, it was reassuring to know that Mrs. Globe was not just about having a small, sexy body. Joyce says, “dun ko na-realize that the pageant was really looking for women of stature AND substance. A woman with a great lifestory. It’s not just about the glamor and the glitz.”

Charity work is also an important value for the Mrs. Globe group. According to Joyce, Mrs. Globe’s charity is a project called WIN (Women in Need) and all the funds they raise go to that group. “As a hotelier,” she says, “I am active in CSR (corporate social responsiblity) projects. I am also a volunteer teacher for special children in a school in Paco, Manila.”

Winning the Face of the Year special award

It is not surprising that Joyce Agsaway won The Face of the Year award at the Mrs. Globe 2012. It happened to be the last special award announced highlighting it’s importance. “That award was judged based on photos and how we looked during rehearsals,” she said. “I also was in the Top 5 of the Peoples’ Choice Award. Nakakagulat because its $10 per vote and I entered the Top 5 with most of my votes coming from the US. ‘Di ko talaga ine-expect!”

Mrs. Philippines Globe 2012 Joyce Agsaway (right) with Carla Cabrera Quimpo who won Director of the Year in the Mrs. Globe 2012 pageant held in California! Proud to be PINOY!

Mrs. Philippines Globe 2012 Joyce Agsaway (right) with Carla Cabrera Quimpo who won Director of the Year in the Mrs. Globe 2012 pageant held in California! Proud to be PINOY!

Joyce’s Beauty Secrets

When it comes to beauty secrets here is what Joyce Agsaway has to say:  “A good day starts with a good night sleep. Appreciating what you have and being contented gives you a positive aura. Also, if I’m stressed up especially at work, I pause and isolate myself from the stressor and deal with it afterwards. For regimen, I remove make-up right away. Wash my face thoroughly and put Olay moisturizer at night. I don’t use heavy make-up everyday, just tinted moisturizer or BB Cream”

Passing on the crown

This year (2013) the Mrs. Philippines Globe organization will be choosing Joyce Pascual Agsaway’s successor sometime in May. Joyce is encouraging married women and single moms aged 26-45 to join saying, “don’t be afraid of joining kasi there is depth in a pageant like this. It’s really more about the camaraderie and sharing our stories. I made so many friends and I had a lot of fun!” She adds, “When I joined Mrs. Philippines Globe, I did it so that I could say that at least I tried to reach my dream. Even if I lost, at least masasabi ko na I tried.”

Well, she tried it and then won it!  But even if she didn’t win, Joyce has this to say: “It truly was a great experience that was both nerve-wracking and yet greatly satisfying. In fact, I became a better person and gained so many friends. I really hope Filipinas out there will give Mrs. Globe Philippines a chance. This is one beautiful life experience that you will never forget!”

The main cash prize for this year’s Mrs. Philippines Globe is P50,000 and the winner will be sent (all expenses paid) to represent the Philippines in the Mrs. Globe 2013 which will be held in Shenzhen, China.

If like Joyce Agsaway, you missed out on your dream to become a beauty queen, this might be your chance to give it a shot! Visit the website and fill out the registration form –