The Queens’ Reunion Party: Celebrating 50 Years of Bb. Pilipinas!

Friday, March 15, 2013 – I woke up today feeling GOLDEN! All I could do was thank God for giving me a crown that changed my whole life when I was but a reluctant 18-year-old. Today, I celebrate that crown which has graced not just my head but that of 48 other beautiful women in the Philippines. Indeed, it feels wonderful to be part of such a small, elect and beaitiful group. I do not know if I have ever written about how I hated joining Bb. Pilipinas some 28 years ago. Mom made me join against my plans of studying medicine. But over the years I have gotten over it (it took more than a decade) and now I see just how wise my Mother was. She knew me before I knew myself. So today I can say – What was once rags to me has become my riches. Thank you Mom for all that tough love and all that pushing. I hated being out of my comfort zone but it was well worth it!

To BPCI, thank you for making the Bb. Pilipinas titles the most prestigious ones in the land. Our crowns are dust without your blood, sweat and tears… Thank you for the hard work you put in to make it number one. Happy Golden Anniversary!

To all the beauty queen makers, I know that when we are up on stage you are there with us too. You cry when we lose, you freak out like there’s no tomorrow when we win. We are nothing without you.

To the pageant fans, thanks for loving us throughout the years. Even the oldest queens, you ask for their autographs! (Kasama na ako dun, ahahaha!) Beauty Pageants would be boring without you, thank you for your devotion!

To all the Bb. Pilipinas Queens, whenever we are together, I feel like its a glimpse of what Heaven is going to be like: full of beauty, love, hope and joy – a celebration of how fantastic our Creator is!

I can’t wait to see all your beautiful smiles later at the Queens Reunion! See you my darlings!!!