Bb. Pilipinas Press Presentation 2013: Candidates 21 to 30

Dear ABQ Readers:

The Bb. Pilipinas 2013 Press Presentation held at the ballroom of the Makati Shangril-La Hotel on March 18, 2013 was a blast! All 50 contestants have leveled up since the Talent show a week ago and I expect them to keep leveling-up as coronation night approaches!

But I am still having a hard time choosing my favorites for the 3 crowns that will be awarded come coronation night in mid-April. In the years of Venus and Shamcey, I spotted my winners fast. Specially with Shamcey – she was my winner the moment I set eyes on her. But in the year of Janine, it was not easy for me to pick my favorites and this 2013 is the same! Too many beautiful women to choose from!

Anyway, here are the 50 contestants in Bb. Pilipinas 2013 (in batches of 10) at the Press Presentation. Those highlighted in Red were the ones I liked the most. Unless specifically mentioned, they are not necessarily my Top Choices yet, but for me, they did outshine the others at the Press Presentation!


Contestants 21-30 Bb. Pilipinas 2013 Press Presentation

Bb. Pilipinas 2013 Press Presentation: Contestants 21 to 30


21. Lourenz Grace Remetillo - 25 - Iligan Ciy

21. Lourenz Grace Remetillo – 25 years – Iligan Ciy

What a feline beauty this Lourenz Grace Remetillo is! An alumna of the Miss Supranational 2011 (she represented the Philippines but was unplaced), what are her chances of entering the Top 5 in Bb. Pilipinas 2013 and being selected to represent the country again in the Miss Supranational beauty pageant? Your guess is as good as mine! But it seems Bb. Pilipinas is proud that a former Supranational contestant is in their roster of candidates because it is mentioned in the profile that Bb. Pilipinas gave us at the Press Presentation.


22. Ellore Noelle Punzalan - 26 years - Las Pinas

22. Ellore Noelle Punzalan – 26 years – Las Pinas

Love the legs on this vixen. Ellore Noelle Punzalan used them to sail on stage and strut her stuff. She also brought a big dose of sunshine along with her! I’m sure she gets her legs from all the sporty things she does: basketball, volleyball and Taekwondo…  great anatomy on this licensed medtech. If she does well in Bb. Pilipinas 2013,Ellore Noelle Punzalan will just have to put her medical studies on hold for a year or two… a sacrifice which is for me, well worth it!


23. Leona Paula Santicruz - 21 years - Aurora

23. Leona Paula Santicruz – 21 years – Aurora

Gee, so many distinctive beauties in this year’s batch! Leona Paula Santicruz is one of them, with her strikingly bold widow’s peak, perky eyes and sunny smile. It is odd that such a beauty works at the Bureau of Customs but then again, maybe they use her beauty to arrest smugglers? If I were a guy, I wouldn’t mind being handcuffed by this gorgeous gal!


24. Cassandra Naidas - 22 years - Antipolo

24. Cassandra Naidas – 22 years – Antipolo

I’m thinking that this Lasalle Psych grad kind of looks like Solenn Heusaff. What do you think? Some have said Gloria Diaz. But whatever the case, Cassandra Naidas DOES have a stately beauty that makes her stand out. For me, Cassandra Naidas would fit the Bb. Pilipinas International title or the Supranational (if given out).


25. Merry Joyce Respicio - 18 years - Bulacan

25. Merry Joyce Respicio – 18 years – Bulacan

Merry Joyce Respicio‘s toothy grin reminds me of Gem Padilla! And I like the cheekbones. Remarkable cheekbones are usually the hallmark of top models so I wasn’t surprised to find out that Merry Joyce Respicio had already been featured in Fashion Week, Cosmo Philippines and Metro Wear. She’s got the look of someone born for the runway!


26. Anna Fernandina Buquid - 22 years - Quezon City

26. Anna Fernandina Buquid – 22 years – Quezon City

I overheard one of the pressfolk in the crowd say that Anna Fernandina Buquid is the tallest contestant in this year’s batch of Bb. Pilipinas contestants. Unfortunately, not all the contestants’ heights were listed in the press kit so can any of my dear ABQ readers confirm this? Anywhooo… in the photo of her at the very right – the facial close-up  she reminds me of the tall and willowly Lingling Gonzales whom I used to model with in the late 80s. Dindi (as she is fondly called) is into Airsoft, volleyball and Ultimate Frisbee!


27. Vania Valiry Vispo - 24 years - Batangas

27. Vania Valiry Vispo – 24 years – Batangas

It is really good to see Vania Valiry Vispo (my Triple V girl) back on the pageant runway! This San Beda ICT grad has leveled-up since I last saw her at the Miss World Philippines 2012 beauty pageant where she entered the Top 12 and won the Smart People’s Choice award . Click here to read my article on Vania Valiry Vispo during the MWP competition. Her styling and walk are the most obvious improvements – she looks more polished on stage and has a leaner look.  The Bb. Pilipinas press kit listed her at 5’11” – another asset. Watching her glitter on stage makes it hard to believe that this girl considers herself an introvert.


28. Mercegrace Raquel - 19 years - Nueva Ecija

28. Mercegrace Raquel – 19 years – Nueva Ecija

Aha! I’m not the only beauty queen blogger in town. Mercegrace Raquel also has her spot in the blogosphere – just click here to get there! In her blog, she openly shares her hurts and pains including being dumped by a boyfriend and surviving it. Mercegrace Raquel also shares pageant photos and candid shots of herself. Check it out. Two things this girl is totally proud of: her burnished Morena complexion and her mathematical mind. She’s studying to be a Math and Science teacher and comes from a family of professors. But I can’t imagine having a teacher as gorgeous as her; I’d be distracted to the point of failure!


29. Pauline Quintas - 17 years - Marikina

29. Pauline Quintas – 17 years – Marikina

Is she 18 or is she 17 years old? The question is important if Pauline Quintas hopes to win the Bb. Pilipinas Universe title because I think you have to be at least 18 to qualify. While the press kit of Bb. Pilipinas lists her as 17, her official FB site says she is 18. Hmmmm…  another question: Pauline Quintas is believed to be related to Bb. Pilipinas Universe 1995 and Miss Tourism International 1997 Joanne Quintas; what is their relationship? Maybe one of ABQ’s well-informed readers can drop a note and tell us more? What I DO know is that this working student is taking up Tourism with dreams of becoming a flight attendant.


30. Maria Theresa Gorgonio - 25 - Cebu City

30. Maria Theresa Gorgonio – 25 years – Cebu City

Not a Gorgon this one, but she can melt you down with just one look! Maria Theresa Gorgonio is a certified Cebu top model, a Miss Teen Philippines 2005 finalist and Miss Cebu 2007 3rd runner up. After 3 years of working as a flight attendant, Matet feels she’s ready for the Bb. Pilipinas 2013 beauty pageant. I so like the slight figure of this photography hobbyist and the vague Chat Silayan-ness of her smile.


The coronation night of Bb. Pilipinas 2013, the Gold Edition will be on April 14, 2013. It will be aired live on ABS-CBN. But I hope you’ll step out of your homes that night to watch the show live with us at the Araneta Coliseum. It IS the 50th Anniversary of Bb. Pilipinas after all! You can get tickets at TicketNet – hope to see you there!