Bb. Pilipinas Press Presentation 2013: Contestants 11 to 20!

Dear ABQ Readers:

As supporters of contestant Theresa Fenger (an ABQ favorite) continue to reel from her shocking disqualification from Bb. Pilipinas 2013 (read more here) the pageant takes a short hiatus for the Holy Week break. I’m sure the girls won’t go on hiatus though – they’ll be training, dieting and working out as much as they can.

In the meantime, ABQ continues with it’s review of the contestants and their performance at the Bb. Pilipinas 2013 Press Presentation held at the ballroom of the Makati Shangril-La Hotel on March 18, 2013.

In this post are my thoughts on Contestants 11 to 20. There are a total of 50 contestants, just scroll down to see my thoughts on them.  Those highlighted in Red were the ones I liked the most. Unless specifically mentioned, they are not necessarily my Top Choices yet, but for me, they did outshine the others at the Press Presentation!


Contestants 11-20 Bb. Pilipinas 2013 Press Presentation

Contestants 11-20 Bb. Pilipinas 2013 Press Presentation


11. Anna Carmina Antonio - 22 years - Isabela

11. Anna Carmina Antonio – 22 years – Isabela

Anna Carmina Antonio has the curves that I would like to have if I were reincarnated. The way her waist tucks in…   how her hips slighty flare out…  and the flat abs that leave me lacking for words! And she’s got that wholesome way of carrying her kittenish beauty. Anna Carmina Antonio happens to be one of my bets for Miss Talent in Bb. Pilipinas 2013. She did a smooth magic tricks performance; click here to see photos of the talent show! Anna Carmina Antonio, who works as a Hotel Front Desk officer, comes to this pageant with 2 local honors: The Miss Tourism title in the Philippines Youth Pageant 2008 and the Bb. Isabela title in 2009. 


12. Camille Carla Nazar - 23 years - Bulacan

12. Camille Carla Nazar – 23 years – Bulacan

With Janine Tugonon’s 1st RU placement in Miss Universe last year, we are seeing more Morenas coming out of the woodwork to try their luck at the Bb. Pilipinas beauty pageant. Camille Carla Nazar is one of those lovely Morenas – sun-kissed skin with a sparkling smile that will surely stun the judges this year. But she’s not just about skin-deep beauty; she’s also smart with a heart. Camille Carla Nazar loves children and is studying to become an Elementary School Teacher (golly do we need more of them!) so that she can nurture and mentor our young ones. 


13. Charmaine Elima - 20 years - Binangonan, Rizal

13. Charmaine Elima – 20 years – Binangonan, Rizal

If our beauty queens were like coffee, Charmaine Elima would be a dark and fruity blend of Venus Raj and Janine Tugonon. With that said, Charmaine is one of my front-runners for Bb. Pilipinas Universe this year, however, it would be interesting to see her win any other crown. Some advice: I think Charmaine Elima has to walk the footsteps of Venus and Janine by staying friendly, humble and teach-able but with that indomitable Pinay fighting spirit. Her strongest asset is her doll-like face but it could also turn out to be her weakness because her cheekbones and jawline are too strong. At least for me. She needs to be softened down with some smart make-up tactics. And avoid facial expressions that are too strong. Body is excellent just keep working out and staying trim. I’m not surprised that Charmaine Elima already has 2 local titles: Miss Rizal 2012 and Miss Mandaluyong 2013. Winner!


14. Mary Rose Pujanes - 20 years - Batangas

14. Mary Rose Pujanes – 20 years – Batangas

This Miss Batangan 2011 title holder brought summer into the cool ballroom of the hotel when she got on stage! (Batangan, btw, means “Batangas Tagalog” which is the dialect spoken  in most of Batangas. Mary Rose Pujanes ‘ 1st RU in Miss Batangan 2011 happens to be contestant #27 – Vania Valiry Vispo) What do I like about Mary Rose Pujanes? Well, just look at those dark gorgeous pools that make up her eyes. And the sultry lips that sizzle. And that brain which can figure out all those numbers! LOL! Yes, Mary Rose Pujanes took up Accounting at a college in Tanuan, Batangas. 


15. Pia Wurtzbach - 23 years - Cagayan de Oro

15. Pia Wurtzbach – 23 years – Cagayan de Oro

Rising up from the ashes like a phoenix, actress Pia Romero returns to the limelight as Pia Wurtzbach, Contestant #15 in the Bb. Pilipinas 2013 beauty pageant. Pang-TV talaga ang beauty ni Pia – she was a former ABS-CBN talent but now dreams of doing a Ruffa Gutierrez – succeeding not just as a TV talent but as a beauty queen. This Filipina-German has appeared in several Kapamilya shows like “K2BU,” “ASAP,” “Your Song,” and “Aryana.”  Pia Wurtzbach’s stunning face is the first thing that grabbed my attention mostly because of her piercing eyes. Although I wished there was more meat on her, I can’t deny that her muscular frame looked fab in the bikini she wore at the Press Presentation. Me likey this grrrl!


16. Joana Cindy Miranda - 20 years - Nueva Ecija

16. Joanna Cindy Miranda – 20 years – Nueva Ecija

Imagine that! Quitting as a co-host on Wiltime Good Time just to she how far she can go at Bb. Pilipinas. Joanna Cindy Miranda, who was also a Pinoy Big Brother housemate, is taking a risk but not an unfounded one. With her camera-perfect face, she has a big chance of stealing the thunder from any of the front-runners in Bb. Pilipinas 2013. AND, win or lose, Joanna Cindy Miranda easily return to TV where a face this telegenic deserves to be!  


17. Carin Adrianne Ramos - 24 years - San Pedro, Laguna

17. Carin Adrianne Ramos – 24 years – San Pedro, Laguna

Ah, yes, even prettier than when I saw her first at the Mutya ng Pilipinas 2012. Carin Adrianne Ramos was in my Top 12 favorites during that pageant and I’m happy to say that this professional nurse entered the semi-finals and won a minor title – Mutya ng Informatics. For your… ehrm… informatics…  Carin Adrianne Ramos’ Mom joined Bb. Pilipinas in 1984 (the year of Desiree Verdadero) but backed out because she fell in love. (Thankfully, these days, falling in love and being a beauty queen can go hand in hand.) So Carin Adrianne Ramos is just out to finish where her Mom left off. Don’t you just love stories like that? 


18. Christine Paula Love Bernasor - 25 years - Ormoc City

18. Christine Paula Love Bernasor – 25 years – Ormoc City

On her Pinterest site, Christine Paula Love Bernasor describes herself as a, “Foodie. Social Nerd. Art Lover. Trying to rule the world one day at a time…”  This Registered Nurse  has looks that could give her patients a heart attack: tall, tan and lovely, just like the song says. Although Christine Paula Love Bernasor was a victim of bullying as a child, she has grown to be compassionate towards those who are bullied and have less in life. As a result, she spends her free time as a volunteer for feeding programs. Interestingly enough, Christine Paula Love Bernasor is a a member of Couchsurfing; people who travel and sleep on other people’s couches, what an oddball group! BTW, Christine Paula Love Bernasor gave a wicked Pandanggo sa Ilaw performance at the Talent Show of Bb. Pilipinas 2013. Check it out here!


19. Hannah Ruth Sison - 24 years - Makati

19. Hannah Ruth Sison – 24 years – Makati

There’s so much to like about Hannah Ruth Sison – starting with her ‘long-legged’ as Melanie would say. Her looong legs give her that svelte look and her clean type of beauty makes it easy to change her look depending upon the styling, the need and maybe even the weather! Hannah Ruth Sison happens to be a pastor’s kid. Her Dad, Pastor Gani Sison (who is thrilled that his daughter might just become a Bb. Pilipinas winner) heads a missions organization called ITeams or International Teams Philippines. This Isabelle Daza look-a-like is gifted in the arts – she does multimedia art (animation and graphics media) and is an instructor at College of Saint Benilde. 


20. Bea Rose Santiago - 23 years - Masbate

20. Bea Rose Santiago – 23 years – Masbate

When you first meet Bea Rose Santiago, you think, wow! Nice! Pretty girl! But when you see her on stage, she transforms into a queen…  like in a jaw-dropping way. Effortless siya mag-project at napaka-regal ng kanyang galaw. Talo sila sa walk ni Bea Rose Santiago! So it’s no wonder she placed in the Top 10 of the Miss Tourism Queen of the Year International 2012. Bea, who was Mutya ng Pilipinas Overseas 2011, got assigned by the Mutya organization to compete in that pageant. I can see her doing well for the nation if she wins Bb. Pilipinas International. Pwede din sa Tourism or Supranational (if that title is given out). Click here to read my article on Bea Rose Santiago where she talks about her favorite hobby/sport – backpacking!


The coronation night of Bb. Pilipinas 2013, the Gold Edition will be on April 14, 2013. It will be aired live on ABS-CBN. But I hope you’ll step out of your homes that night to watch the show live with us at the Araneta Coliseum. It IS the 50th Anniversary of Bb. Pilipinas after all! You can get tickets at TicketNet – hope to see you there!