Bb. Pilipinas Queens’ Parade Rehearsal Photos!

Dear ABQ Friends:

After a full night’s rest, I can finally have the energy to upload some of the photos I took on my HTC 8x Phone Camera during the rehearsals for the Queen’s Parade last night.

Confession: it was so hard to focus on our blocking because we were so busy chatting, laughing and catching up with each other! I sure hope that the lady who was directing the parade did not get too exasperated with us. The Queens were saying backstage how patient she was because many of us were horsing around, even on stage, most especially me!

Anyway, coronation is tonight and I am a bundle of mixed emotions – overjoyed that I will be on stage with the most beautiful women in the Philippines and thrilled to find out who our winners will be!

And as we count the minutes down to Bb. Pilipinas 2013’s show time, enjoy these photos!

***note:  Not so familiar with some of the queens so if you can help me identify the ones I can’t, please leave a note in the comments section!

1) ABQ (left) with my Bb. Pilipinas 1985 Batch: Tina Alcala (green) and Izza Gonzales… having a quick lunch before rehearsals at Araneta Coliseum!

2) L-R: Jane Brumitt, Alice Discon, Tina Alcala, Izza Gonzales and TBQ at the South Gate entrance of Araneta Coliseum

3) TBQ with Venus Raj, isn’t she just GORGEOUS!?

4)  Jean Saburit (left) with Tina Alcala

5) Lourdes Enriquez (left) with Joanne Alivio…

5) Lia Andrea Ramos (left) and Jennifer Barrientos who looks fab even with hardly any make-up on!

6) L-R Maggie Wilson, Maricarl Tolosa, Anna Igpit

7) When the Queens’ arrived, the contestants were still rehearsing onstage! That’s Krisma Pascual, the last contestant, in giant rollers!


8) Waiting for rehearsals to start! L-R Peachie Sacasas, Jean Saburit, Carmencita Avecilla , Nini Ramos Licaros, Erlynne Bernardez


9) Bininbini #27 Valiry Vispo practices her intro as the Queens look on…


10) Queens in the audience! Waiting for rehearsals to begin…


11) The first and the last Miss Young Philippines’ title holders: Carmencita Avecilla (white) and Tina Alcala


12) L-R Carin Adrianne Ramos, Desiree Verdadero and Joanna Cindy Miranda… Desiree was giving both girls tips when I rudely interrupted them for a photo, aahaha!


13) Finally! We begin rehearsing for the Queens’ Parade. L-R Bella Nachura, Engr. Muriel Moral, Desiree Verdadero and Alice Dixson.


14) Posing in front of the stage… L-R Anette Liwanag, Jean Saburit, Erlynne Bernardez, Chiqui Brosas, Dang Cecilio and Sharon Hughes


15) On stage with… (L-R) Erlynne Bernardez, Chiquie Brosas, Peachie Sacasas, Anette Liwanag, Dang Cecilio and Sharon Hughes


16) Sitting in front – me and Gem Padilla. Middle Row – Sarah Jane Paez,  Violeta Naluz, Lourdes Enriquez, Patty Betita and Engr. Muriel Moral. At the back: another beauty that I’m not so familiar with and Desiree Verdadero…


17) A bevy of beauties, can you identify them all?


18) L-R Simonette delos Reyes, Pilar Pilapil, Nini Ramos and Camencita Avecilla… hanging out backstage at the Araneta Coliseum.


19) Waiting for their turn on stage… L-R Tina Alcala, Izza Gonzales, Gem Padilla and Sarah Jane Paez.


20) The pretty lady on the left is Selina Manalad. Next to her is Desiree Verdadero then Patty Betita, Izza Gonzales and Isabella Manjon.


21) Who’s the pretty face at the very left? It’s Carlene Ang Aguilar! Beside her is Miriam Quiambao then  Katherine Manalo, Karen Agustin, Isabella Manjon, Alma Concepcion and Nina Ricca Alagao!!!


22) Beautiful smiles! L-R Engr. Muriel Moral, Bella Nachura, Jane Brumitt and Sharon Hughes


23) Moi with Direk Johnny Manahan! I worked with him ages ago for the comedy TV show Chika Chika Chicks when I was a mainstay… He’s directing the Bb. Pilipinas 2013 presentation…


24) The younger Queens, L-R Dianne Necio, Isabella Manjon, can’t see the next 3 girls clearly, then there’s Ana Igpit in the white dress, Maggie Wilson and two more beauties.


25) The contestants rush up to stage as Chiqui Brosas (left) and Simonette delos Reyes beside her watch on. The blurry babe is Mutya Datul, an ABQ favorite…


26) My other favorite is Charmaine Elima. Next to her, with her face half-hidden is my other bet Mariel de Leon. Behind them on the left, Chiqui Brosas! Who is the other girl in the back?


27) Some of this year’s contestants: L-R  Krisma Pascual, Amanda Noelle Navasero, Angeli Dione Gomez, Grace Yann Apuad, Parul Shah and KC Cajandig (that’s KC right?)


28) The Bb. Pilipinas 2013 contestants waiting for the past Queens to finish rehearsals! Beautiful faces of the Philippines!


29) Hanging out with Engr. Muriel Moral after rehearsals. She is based in Bicol but often comes up to Manila for business as well as Bb. Pilipinas events…


31) The gorgeous Hannah Ruth Sison, one of the strongest candidates in Bb. Pilipinas 2013, practicing her self-introduction!


31) One of the taller contestants, Valiry Vispo, doing her self-introduction!


32) What the stage looked like the day before rehearsals…. and a schedule that we had a hard time following, aahahaha!