Disappointed with Kris TV’s Interview of Janine Tugonon and Boyfriend Jaypee Santos

Two or three days ago my daughter told me about the interview that Miss Universe 2012 1st Runner-up Janine Tugonon had on Kris TV where she casually talked about trouble brewing between her and boyfriend Jaypee Santos. The daughter claimed that the worst part was that Jaypee was there right beside her during the entire interview.

I ignored my baby thinking she was just overreacting. But then a guy friend messaged this to me just now:

i dont like janine anymore. she broke off with her bf and she is kinda happy abt it pa. wats worse is she is making kwento abt this new guy with the ex bf beside her. nanaliligaw yung lead singer ng the script sa kanya. that is so below the belt for a guy. bf mo ako tapos katabi kita you tell the WHOLE world abt this new guy as if i dont exist.

So I decided to have a look at the video myself and this is what I thought:

Shame on Kris TV for taking advantage of Janine and Jaypee. The TV show was obviously prepared to ‘make bulgar‘ the story with photos of Janine and the other guy.

Shame on the hostsย  for the way they handled the interview. No value for relationships.

How I wish Janine Tugonon just kept the details to herself. Some things are meant to be private.

Poor Jaypee… to have to stand there and be treated that way.

Here’s the video below but let me warn you, it’s one of the most uncomfortably inane interviews I have ever seen. It broke my heart to see Jaypee trying to smile bravely during the whole thing. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ