ABQ Picks Top 3 Winners for Darling of the Press Award at Miss Philippines Earth 2013

Voting for the most photogenic girl or the darling of the press is one of the hardest things I face as a blogger. What makes is hard is that you usually have about an hour to make your choice. In my early days of blogging, I’d get so confused and just not vote. But things have changed, I’m now sharper and faster when making my choices.

This year at the Miss Philippines Earth 2013 Press Presentation my choices for Darling of the Press were Olongapo, Muntinglupa and Nagcarlan. And all three ended up winning!

Angelee delos Reyes of Olongapo won the Gold, Ferina de Paz of Muntinglupa got Silver and Kimverlyn Suiza of Nagcarlan won Bronze.

Why did I vote for them? Well, let’s start with Kimverlyn Suiza (Nagcarlan). Her beauty is really unique and she stands out in crowd of beautiful women. Also, she sort of resembles Bb. Pilipinas Universe 1989 Sarah Jane Paez whose classic beauty sticks to your mind like a barnacle.

Ferina de Paz (Munitnglupa) was an obvious choice for the press because, as you can see below, she photographs well. But in person she is just as strikingly pretty! I love her feminine appeal and she seems so natural, not stiff at all or fakey-fakey, when walking on stage and smiling at the photogs. This is her second time to join Miss Philippines Earth – her first time was in 2010 but she had to back out of the beauty pageant due to health reasons. If you click here and scroll down to Contestant #29, you’ll see my photo of her when she joined in 2010. Might I say that Ferina de Paz has leveled up? She no longer looks like a sweet baby girl. She’s woooman, hear her roar!

Darling of the Press Gold Medal winner Angelee delos Reyes was my top choice because out of all the contestants she was the most polished and most pageant-ready. If she had to represent the Philippines in any international pageant tomorrow, I would send this girl. Her body is hotter than our weather. Her smile can charm an anaconda. She moves like a tiger. She is charming as a kitten. And what a pretty face! I first met her when she won Slimmer’s World Miss Bikini Philippines 2011 (read my interview with her here). Then I saw  Angelee delos Reyes again at the Bb. Pilipinas 2012 beauty pageant where she was a favorite of mine. She won the Best in Long Gown and finished in the Top 12.

Now I’m left wondering… are these going to be the same three faces we’ll see wearing crowns on the finals of Miss Philippines Earth 2013? Hmmm… let’s see just how sharp we are this year!

Darlings of the Press - Winner - Olongapo (middle), Silver - Muntinglupa (left) and Bronze - Nagcarlan

Darlings of the Press – Winner – Olongapo (middle), Silver – Muntinglupa (left) and Bronze – Nagcarlan