Pizza Hut Launches New “Out-of-this-World” Flavor at Star Trek Premiere!

My Movie Ticket... Star Trek Into Darkness!

My Movie Ticket… Star Trek Into Darkness!

Science Fiction and Out-of-this-World PIZZA! What a rollicking duo 🙂 My husband and I had so much fun at the launch of Pizza Hut’s new Cheeseburger Pizza at the premiere of “Star Trek: Into Darkness”. It was the perfect date for foodies like us who also happen to be TREKKERS!

Thank you to the Gateway Cinema folk and Pizza Hut for the invite!

Ron with the new, delectable Cheeseburger Pizza from Pizza Hut!

Ron with the new, delectable Cheeseburger Pizza from Pizza Hut!

First, a review of the Cheeseburger Pizza from Ron, my Hubby:

Pizza Hut’s new Cheeseburger Pizza is very malaman and very tasty. And I still can’t figure out if it tastes more like  a Cheeseburger or a Pizza. The shape is out-of-this-world – a spangled crust and little burger patties going all around. It sort of looks like a sunstar to me. The good thing is, one or two slices, busog na ako, so I don’t overeat. I had one  slice before entering the theatre to watch Star Trek: Into Darkness and one slice while watching. Just right for my appetite…

And now a review of Star Trek: Into Darkness from ABQ:

I'm a Trekker (not a Trekkie, LOL!)

I’m a Trekker (not a Trekkie, LOL!)

I rarely cry at movies, specially sci-fi ones but this takes the cake (or pizza.) At the peak of the movie (which is the heart-wrenching scene between Capt. Kirk and Spock) I found myself sobbing like a baby. I’ve watched all the Star Trek movies and the Original Series and have a keen sense of Star Trek history and thus the tears. I know Spock, Captain Kirk, Bones, Uhura, Sulu, Chekov, Scotty (even Nurse Chapel and Yeoman Rand) and they’re like family. Knowing the past indeed gives you a better appreciation of the present!

(In case you don’t like crying at the movies, don’t worry, there are lots of crazy fun moments that had me laughing in my seat. But I won’t tell you if it ends happy or sad. You just have find out for yourself!)

For non-Trekkers: Although you don’t HAVE to watch any of the Star Trek movies and original episodes to enjoy the movie, I strongly suggest you try watching the 2nd Star Trek movie, “Wrath of Khan” before watching “Into Darkness”.  You can also watch the 3rd film, “The Search for Spock” for an ever deeper sense of the series. But if that’s not possible, just GO into the darkness and watch the movie!

Live long and prosper!