Former Pinoy Big Brother Housemate is Miss Canada Universe 2013!

Miss Canada Universe 2013 is former Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Housemaet Riza Santos!

Wow, it looks like ABQ will be rooting for 2 Pinays in the coming Miss Universe 2013 beauty pageant: Bb. Pilipinas winner Ara Arida and Riza Raquel Santos who won this year’s Miss Canada Universe!

Note*** There is a 3rd MU2013 contestant with Filipino roots that ABQ is supporting. Click here to find out more!

Filipinos might remember Riza Santos best as a Celebrity Housemate and the 2nd big placer in the 2nd season of Pinoy Big Brother in 2007.

Speaking of 2nds, Riza, who was raised in Calgary, actually came in 2nd during the coronation night of Miss Canada Universe 2013. The proclaimed winner was Denise Garrido. But then pageant organizer, Beauty of Canada revealed the following day that a human error was made in tabulating the Top 5 results. It turned out that Denise placed 4th and the rightful winner was our very own Riza Santos!

Riza, whose parents are from Bataan and Bulacan, will now compete against Ara Arida of the Philippines in the coming Miss Universe 2013! ABQ wishes Ara and Riza the best, may you both enter the Top 5!

Riza Santos, Miss Canada Universe 2013!

Fast Facts on Riza Raquel Santos:

2006 – Riza Santos wins Miss Canada Earth and competes in Miss Earth 2006 in Manila. She wins 2 special awards: Miss Fontana and Miss Photogenic.

2007 – She becomes Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Housemate for Season 2 and ends up the Second Big Placer.

2011 – Riza is crowned Miss World Canada and is sent to represent the nation in Miss World 2011. She makes it into the Top 30 among 113 delegates.

2013 – Riza Santos is proclaimed the rightful winner of Miss Canada Universe 2 days after Denise Garrido was mistakenly crowned.

With contrinution from Ronald D. Villamor of Toril, Davao City