Bb Pilipinas Batch 85 finally Reunites after 26 Years!!!

Finally, after 26 years, we’re together again! Sabrina Artadi (International), Tina Alcala (Young), Izza Gonzales (Maja) and blog author Joyce Ann Burton (Universe) had a wonderful dinner at Va Bene Restaurant with our host, Atty. Monchit.

Sabrina Artadi now has a Cooking Show on the Asian Food Network; she also designs Kaftans (the white Kaftan I’m wearing was made by her). She promises to guest me, Tina and Izza on her show, wahoooo!

Tina Alcala is happily married with kids and lives in Indonesia but was in town for a routine surgery so we were impressed to see her in killer heels just days after being under the surgeon’s knife!

Izza Gonzales (the most disciplined Queen in our batch) is a Yoga student and designer of Yoga-Wear. She is already a golden girl but still actively models and was lead model in Resorts’ Worlds’ first commercial (I think it was the first one.)

And me? Well, I blog about beautiful queens like Sabrina, Tina and Izza…