Movie Review: Pacific Rim Gets 4 Tiaras from ABQ!

Actress Rinko Kikuchi as Mako Mori in Pacific Rim

Actress Rinko Kikuchi as Mako Mori in Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim gets 4 Tiaras from ABQ! Thank you to SM Mall of Asia and Warner Brothers for the invite to watch the film at MOA’s IMAX Theater.

Big doesn’t even begin to describe Guillermo del Toro’s latest sci-fi offering, Pacific Rim; from beginning to end, size is what matters!

My suggestion? Watch it in IMAX to get the maximum effect of clashing mecha robots (the human-controlled Jaegers) and alien monsters (the Kaiju).

But if your budget is less than monstrous, watch it in 3D. It is definitely worth it. But even if you opt for the 2D version, you’re bound to enjoy Pacific Rim because of its engaging story of love and heroism welded between the fabulously huge action scenes.

To guys who love robots: its okay to bring your girlfriend (or boyfriend) to watch Pacific Rim (there are several kilig moments and touching scenes), but I’d be careful with bringing kids. The movie is R13 after all and for several good reasons:

-The fight scenes between the behemoths are pure gut-wrenching violence. They must NOT be tried at home with a younger sibling.

– The darkly beautiful Kaiju aliens of classic Del Toro design are scarier and louder than Godzilla could ever hope to be. Look below.

-Hardly any blood flies around during the fight scenes between Jaegers and Kaiju. But some humans did get bruised, cut-up, cut-down and wounded so you’ll see some blood in those scenes. There are death scenes too involving people which could disturb gentler minds.

But the scenes that really had my throat working up and down involved a little Japanese girl who was trapped by one of the alien Kaiju. Seeing her so frightened, running and crying was more terrifying to me than all of the fight scenes put together. Let me just say that I felt her fear down to my toes.

Therefore, ABQ bequeaths the Best Actress award to the little girl who played the role. She outdid lead actress Rinko Kikuchi by a mile. (The girl was playing Rinko’s younger version.)

Aside from the great monster battles, the heart-warming story of love and heroism, the science behind the film’s premise (which was cool to me), I also really loved it that Manila was mentioned several times in the movie. For that alone, you REALLY have to watch it!