Beauty Queen Spotlight: Stephanie Malibiran, Mrs. Asia Tourism International 2013!

Stephanie Malibiran, Mrs. Asia Tourism International 2013

Stephanie Malibiran, Mrs. Asia Tourism International 2013

“I finally learned to relax and enjoy a pageant,” declares Stephanie Malibiran, who was recently crowned Mrs Asia Tourism International 2013 in a glitzy affair held in Malaysia. “I’ve been competing in pageants since I was 16 and tend to be over-competitive but this time around I decided relax, have fun and make friends. And it worked!”

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The young mom admits that the worst pageant heartbreak she ever experienced was not winning in a local pageant last year. “Even if I was a runner-up in Mrs. Philippines Globe 2012, I felt like I lost. I had this super-confident attitude so when I didn’t get the crown I was so affected. And because of the ‘hiya‘ (shame) factor, I didn’t go out of my house for a month!”

What Stephanie Malibiran didn’t expect was a call, months after losing in that pageant, from Carla Cabrera Quimpo, the National Directress of Mrs Philippines Globe asking her to represent the Philippines in an international competition: Mrs. Asia International 2013.  “When Ms Carla called me with the offer I was so thrilled! But because of my past loss I decided not to tell my friends that I was going to compete in Malaysia.”

Steph also decided to take a different ‘competitive approach’. “I changed my attitude and focused on winning Miss Friendship. It worked wonders! Although I didn’t win that award, the contests from India and Singapore were chanting my name before the Miss Friendship winner was announced!”

Steph Malibiran on the catwalk at Mrs. Asia International 2013! Thanks to Missosology for the photo!

Steph Malibiran on the catwalk at Mrs. Asia International 2013! Thanks to Missosology for the photo!

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According to Stephanie, who is a professional make-up artist, she gained friendships by teaching several candidates how improve their make-up and style their hair. “Feeling ko, impressed sila sa amin ni Lubesly Tellidua (Lubesly also represented the Philippines in the same pageant and placed 1st Runner up) kasi everyday, from breakfast to dinner, glamorosa kami. Complete with hair, make-up and outfit.”

She adds that the innate gracefulness of the Pinay made them stand out. “Many of my co-contestants did not have a lot experience in walking. They would ask me for help and I taught them the basics of the catwalk.” It seems that being generous to the competition didn’t lessen her chances of winning; in fact, Steph won one of the 5 titles in her division.

If you’re wondering about why so many crowns, Steph explains, “There are two divisions in the pageant – Mrs Asia International for younger married women and Classic Mrs Asia International which is for contests 46 years and older. Each division gives out 5 Titles and 2 Runners-up positions. The titles are All Nations, Global, Tourism, International and Cosmopolitan.” Aside from having 5 titles per division, Steph says each nation can send 5 representatives.

I asked Steph which of the 5 titles was awarded last. I figured that that would be the most important crown. Steph said, “The Global title was awarded last. It went to Sri Lanka. I was crowned right before her!”

Steph Malibiran is 2nd from the right.

Steph Malibiran is 2nd from the right. Note that all winners receive the same cash prize which lends credence to the pageant’s claim that all of its title-holders are equal winners. Thanks to Sash Factor for this one!

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Up to now, Stephanie Malibiran still can’t believe she is a full-fledged beauty title winner; an International one at that. With a toothsome grin she said, “After winning in Malaysia I saw my pictures everywhere! I felt high, like I was on Cloud 9.”

So, what’s next step for Steph?

“Well, right after I won, someone asked me if I was going to join Mrs. World. I said that I didn’t have plans because I’m happy with this title already.” But she does have career goals. Steph intimated that she’ll be teaching Bridal and Beauty make-up at Cheryl Cabanos Make-up Academy on Timog; the same school where she recently graduated. She says, “I think having an international title is going to help push my career as a make-up artist and teacher. The offer came right after I won.”

Her advice to other moms and wives who dream of becoming beauty queens?

“Well, first, don’t compete too much! Just have fun, make friends, share what you know and don’t starve yourself. Feel and be beautiful all the time!”

Congratulations once again to Steph Malibiran for winning Mrs Asia Tourism International 2013 and making the Filipina shine abroad!

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ABQ author Joyce Burton Titular (left) with Mrs. Asia Tourism International 2013, Stephanie Malibiran

ABQ author Joyce Burton Titular (left) with Mrs. Asia Tourism International 2013, Stephanie Malibiran