Judging with Jenny Syquia at Miss World Philippines 2013 MOA Screening!

Jenny Syquia (left) with Adventures of a Beauty Queen author Joyce Burton Titular

Jenny Syquia (left) with Adventures of a Beauty Queen author Joyce Burton Titular

Did you know that former Viva Entertainment Actress and TV Celebrity Jenny Syquia was a former beauty queen?

She told me this at the first screening of Miss World Philippines 2013 where we both were judges. In the middle of our chat Jenny said, “I was actually a beauty queen once. I was Miss Teenager of New York in the early 80s when I was only 13 years old!”

So what’s Jenny Syquia doing back in Manila? She’s here to jump start her daughter Chloe’s showbiz career. Chloe Concepcion wants to act, sing, dance, you name it! FYI, Chloe is Gabby Concepcion’s daughter so KC Concepcion is her half-sister.

Mom Jenny says that she’s working on a reality show which she hopes to produce herself and is currently shopping for the right TV Network to broadcast it. “I want to be the Kris Jenner and Chloe, the Kim Kardashian of the Philippines. The show is going to be crazy fun, I promise you!”

Chloe, meantime, had to field questions from pageant fans asking if she has any plans of joining Miss World Philippines. With a shy smile the 5’7″ beauty said, “Well, maybe one day I’ll join the girls at one of the screenings! Its not impossible!”

So, ABQ Readers, what do you think? Should Chloe Concepcion give beauty pageants a try? Or should she just stick to showbiz?

Chloe Syquia Concepcion...  so deliciously pretty!

Chloe Syquia Concepcion… so deliciously pretty!