Does Mutya Datul’s Salagubang Walk Bug You?

Mutya Datul demonstrates her 'malikot' na Salagubang Walk

Mutya Datul demonstrates her ‘malikot’ na Salagubang Walk

If previous Bb. Pilipinas beauty queens Shamcey Supsup had the Tsunami Walk and Janine Tugonon, the Cobra Walk, Mutya Datul, our Miss Supranational Philippines 2013 has her own signature walk which she has dubbed: The Salagubang (Beetle). Mutya demonstrated the walk in the video below taken during her send-off at the Gloria Maris Banquet Hall (formerly the Gateway Suites) in Gateway Mall, Cubao.

Mutya describes her Salagubang Walk as like flying but with sexy half-pivots. She says that she was inspired to name her walk after the Philippine beetle because they are native to her town, Santa Maria in Isabela. Mutya adds that the Salagubang can be ‘malikot’ specially when you catch them and play with them. And they might look scary but are actually a lot of fun.

I think she should have named it the Salaginto walk since she won during Bb. Pilipinas GOLD! Anywhoo… at the end of her demo, she had the audience clapping and cheering!

But honestly, what do you think? Will Mutya Datul’s walk fly in Miss Supranational 2013 or does it bug the heck out of you?

All opinions are welcome, pro and con and in between, but please deliver them respectfully! Mwaahhhh…