ABQ’s Best Photos of Megan Young on MWP 2013 Coronation Night!!!

Here is a collection of photos that my husband Ron Titular took during the coronation night of Miss World Philippines 2013. We were all expecting Megan Young to win but that didn’t take the fun out of pageant. She had a few tough challengers but she still captured the hearts of the judges. Congratulations to Megan Young and to the Miss World Philippines organization headed by National Pageant Director Cory Quirino!

Click here to read my Megan article for Rappler. It’s about why she won and her chances of winning at Miss World when she represents the country there in September.

Megan Young during last minute rehearsals before the pageant...

Megan Young during last minute rehearsals before the pageant…


This photo of Megan Young was actually taken during last-minute rehearsals at 6:30pm, right before showtime. Megan had actually fallen during rehearsals the day before and had hurt her back. Her heel somehow shot thru one of the joins between the stage’s wood paneling. It happened while she was going down a short flight of stairs. In spite of the fall, Megan reportedly wanted to keep rehearsing but the in-house medical staff at Solaire Resort and Casino told her to rest so she just sat down with an ice pack on her back and watched the rest of practice.

Unfortunately, some people started rumors that it was all pretense but ABQ believes Megan Young is not the type to fake something like this just to get some extra rest. However, such talk can’t be prevented during any competition. It’s all part of the rivalry and actually makes things more interesting, don’t you think?


Megan Young wins her first special award – Best in Fashion Runway


After the opening number at Miss World Philippines 2013, Megan Young is the first contestant called out to receive a special award – The Best in Fashion Runway.  Megan Young is that rare Filipina beauty who can move between the worlds of showbiz, modelling and beauty pageants. That’s what I call Osmosis, baby!


Early special awards winners – L-R – Zahra Bianca Saldua (Miss Friendship), Samantha Mae Bernardo (Miss Talent) and Megan Young (Best in Fashion Runway)


From ABQ Correspodent Ronald Villamor: Megan Lynne Young was born on February 27, 1990 in Alexandria, Virginia,U.S.A. She holds dual citizenship, Filipino-American. She entered local show business via GMA7’s reality show “Starstruck” Season 2 and made it to the Top 6 and eventually became a GMA Artist Center talent.  After Kapuso,  Megan followed her younger sibling, Lauren Young to rival station ABS-CBN 2 and was of Star Magic Circle Batch 13. She was also a celebrity housemate and “The Princess of Charm” in the reality show, ”Pinoy Big Brother: Celebrity Edition 2″. In 2009, she became one of four VJs chosen by Channel (V) during it’s relaunch.

Newly-crowned MISS WORLD Philippines 2013 Megan Young is the second Actress-turned-Beauty Queen since Sharmaine “Ruffa derived from Europa” Rama Gutierrez represented our nation, Philippines in Miss World twenty years ago. Ruffa finished 3rd in that global contest!

As the new Miss World Philippines 2013 titleholder, Megan Young returns to her first home – GMA 7 as the winner of the pageant recieves a one year management contract.

Megan Young looking beachworthy in her sporty FILA Bikini!


This stunning photo of Megan was taken by my hubby Ron T. during the swimsuit competition at Miss World Philippines 2013.

What I really like best about Megan Young’s physique is the way her waistline curves in high but gently from the ribcage then suddenly flares out (but not too much) at her hips. Her model-like shoulders add to the overall look. Thanks to trainer John Jay Cuay who helped this girl get pageant-fit.

Unfortunately for bikini fans, they won’t be seeing Megan in a two-piece at the Miss World 2013. The pageant has scrapped the Beach Body competition and instead will have a Best in Sarong contest. The international pageant is being held in conservative Indonesia where the Muslim faith is not tolerant of showing off too much skin. Bye-bye bikini!

Click here to read here more about the bikini ban.


Candidate #20, Megan Young rips up the stage in her FILA two-piece

ABQ ❤ FILA !!!

The swimsuit competition continues with the girls parading in their FILA swimwear. FILA is not really known for sponsoring beauty pageant bikinis so it was a pleasant surprise for ABQ to see our 25 Miss World Philippines 2013 contestants wearing stylish but sporty FILA swimwear. I am a total fan of FILA and love their sneakers but now, I’ll be checking out their swimwear as well! Thanks to FILA boss Butch Albert for being a part of the success of Miss World Philippines 2013!


The Best in Fashion Runway winner shows us how to strut your stuff on stage…


But even covered up in a Sarong, you can see Megan Young has a knockout body so the bikini ban at Miss World 2013 is not going to be a problem. Besides, Megan is more than just a beautiful face and body. She’s got heart and soul…


Megan Young wins Miss Sports by FILA. Awarding her is queen of FILA Maricris Albert. Assisting Maricris is that cute Brazilian model and FILA endorser Fabio…


During the second giving-of-special-awards break, Megan Young gets called again as winner of Miss Sports by FILA. She also was chosen as Miss Reducin.


Megan Young.. elegant in her long gown by Eric delos Santos


I actually had the honor of seeing this gown four days before coronation night when I went to Eric delos Santos’ shop to fit the gown I was going to wear at Miss World Philippines 2013. They were not yet done with the beading and filigree work at the time but they showed it to me and I knew she was going to look like a queen wearing it. I was bursting with excitement to tell someone about the gown but knowing just how important secrecy is, I kept my mouth shut and told no one, not even my hubby, about what I saw.


Megan Young’s stunning profile


Even from the back, Megan is indeed a sight to behold. Her profile here shows us why she deserved/deserves to win the Miss World Philippines 2013 crown. I wonder if Eric delos Santos will be dressing her up when she competes in Miss World? My guess is she will most likely wear gowns from different designers. But the most important gown will be the one she wears during the main competition. From what I know, the MWP group will meet and deliberate with their most trusted fashion consultants on what Megan should wear in Indonesia.


Megan Young (right) with Ria Rabajante in the foreground. Although Ria did not make it into the Top 13, she remains one of my favorite girls…


Some have commented on this blog that Megan is a big loss for Bb. Pilipinas – the pageant actually turned her away when she screened earlier this year. The reason being a photo spread for Rogue Magazine where she went topless. HOWEVER, nothing delicate was seen because she had her chest covered.  But I tend to agree with others who say that it isn’t really a loss for Bb. Pilipinas because Megan Young fits the Miss World mold perfectly. It’s almost like as if God took out his Miss World cookie-cutter and used that to create her.

NOTE: In this Rappler interview with Megan Young, she says she never applied at Bb. Pilipinas.

Megan Young says the rumors could have started when she trained with a group associated with training contestants for Bb. Pilipinas. But she says she never submitted an application although she did think about it.


Megan Young picks up more special awards at Miss World Philippines 2013


After the Long Gown Competition, they gave out a third set of special awards and by this time, the audience kept saying #20 (Megan’s number) expecting her to win every special award. I laughed and told my hubby that it looks like this is the Megan Young Show and even Megan herself looked a bit embarrassed at being called back to receive yet another award.

In the third break she got the Miss World Laguna award, Miss Revlon, Miss Figlia, Miss Bench Body and Miss Olay. Her total medal haul was 8 special awards. None of them though were the key awards – Best in Long Gown (Bianca Paz won this), Best in Swimsuit (won by Janicel Lubina) or Miss Photogenic (also won by Janicel). No matter, the important thing is the CROWN.


A light moment with Megan Young during the final Q&A portion with hosts Carla Abellana (left) and KC Montero (right)…


The First Q&A Session.  During Miss World Philippines 2013, there were two Q&A sessions. During the first one, all Top 13 candidates were asked mostly light-hearted questions. I really loved it that the questions were video questions sent in from people all over the world. Megan’s questions was from Ashra of Hong Kong – “What is your favorite hobby?”

Megan answered: “Well I know I may not look like it but I’m a real avid video gamer… I love playing games.. Im an online gamer. I’m a beauty queen but I love my tech stuff.. so there you go.

NOTICE that Megan said – “I’m a beauty queen,” even if she was still only a Top 13 finalist at this point. One can argue that all contestants who make it into the finals are beauty queens but the purists will say that only the winners with titles can call themselves that. For me, I think that Megan was already thinking like a queen before she won the crown and her answer was a reflection of her thinking.

The Second Q&A Session. The photo above was taken during the 2nd Q&A session AFTER they had chosen the Top 5. This time, the question which was a video questions from last year’s Miss World Wen Xia Yu (of China) was more serious:

 “Why do you want to be Miss World Philippines?”

In a slightly tremorous but firm voice, Megan answered, “A Miss World Philippines is selfless, and to be selfless, you need the heart. If I become Miss World Philippines, I will pour my heart and my soul into helping others which is what Miss World is: beauty in giving.”


The Top 5 at Miss World Philippines 2013. L-R – #5 Zahra Bianca Saldua, #10 Janicel Lubina, #18 Omarie Osuna, #19 Bianca Paz and #20 Megan Young


On Sunday, hours before the pageant took place, I posted my Miss World Philippines 2013 predictions and got 4 out of 5 right – My Top 5 were Megan (check), Janicel Lubina (check), Bianca Paz (check), Zahra Bianca Saldua (check) and Patricia Ejercitado. Too bad Pat didn’t make it, although she was in the Top 13. The girl who made it into the Top 5 instead of Pat was Omarie Osuna, an Olongapo beauty queen that I liked as well…

Me with Pat Ejercitado, one of my favorite beauties!

Me with Pat Ejercitado, one of my favorite beauties!


I saw Pat afterwards and had some photos taken with her. I asked if she was going to join again but she said it was unlikely because at 24 going on 25 yo, she’s ‘overaged’ or at least is going to be. But she didn’t seem too sad about it just a little wistful. I asked what she was going to do and she said, “I’ll focus on Interior Design.” Perhaps when she’s older she can join one of the Mrs pageants for Moms and wives… i still haven’t given up on this girl!


The last 3 girls are numbers 5, 10 and 20 – L-R – #5 Zahra Bianca Saldua, #10 Janicel Lubina and #20 Megan Young


After Omarie Osuna was announced 4th Princess and Bianca Paz 3rd Princess, these three beauties above were that last 3 girls standing.

Just a word on Bianca – I’m grateful that she won 3rd Princess and Best in Long Gown which is basically the same awards she won when she joined MWP two years ago. But I am sad that she didn’t achieve what she set out to do and that’s win the MWP 2013 crown.


The last two contestants standing. #10 Janicel Lubina and #20 Megan Young


My guess was that Janicel and Megan would be the last two girls standing. While I am a fan of Janicel (I love her lifestory on how she overcame poverty and is now providing for her brothers and parents), in my heart I know that Megan Young is the rightful queen in this game of thrones.

 Top photo -The announcement is made and Megan is the winner! Middle - Megan acknowledges Janicel her main rival... Bottom - and gives her a hug. (MWP 2013)

Top photo -The announcement is made and Megan is the winner! Middle – Megan acknowledges Janicel her main rival… Bottom – and gives her a hug. (MWP 2013)


Finally, the winner is announced and it’s Megan Young! The audience expected her to win but that expectation didn’t dampen their cheering when she was proclaimed Miss World Philippines 2013. Not only was Megan Young the most beautiful an gracious, she was also the best choice, IMHO, in terms of strategy. A marriage between Megan and MWP is far more strategic because she can bring the gloss of her celebrity to the pageant franchise (MWP needs more fame) while MWP can give her that rare and coveted ‘royalty status’ of being a national beauty queen. Theirs is a symbiotic relationship with exponential powers very much like the strategic royal weddings in the old days.


Now that she’s been crowned, Miss World Philippines 2013 Megan Young faces her subjects in the ballroom of Solaire. With her are Cory Quirino (left) Queenie Rehman (green) and Laguna Governor ER Ejercito who was one of the pageant judges

“1000% READY!”

When ABQ/Sash Factor correspondent Raymond Golez interviewed Megan Young after her victory, she told him that she was 1000% ready. (That’s right, there are 3 zeroes there!) Although she was considered a top contender in MWP 2013, she said she didn’t want to put pressure on herself “pero ayaw din naman niya mag-relax lang.” Her victory is somewhat to be a “dream come true” for the “sangkabekihan” or the gay pageant community. (All ABQ can say to that is LOL times 1000%!)

Click here to watch Raymond’s post-victory Youtube interview with Megan Young.


Queenierich Rehman crowns the new Miss World Philipipnes 2013 Megan Young as Laguna Governor ER Ejercito (right) looks on


I am pleased that our new queen Megan Young is a gamer. I too am a closet gamer because most people don’t get it when they find out that a 46 year-old beauty queen enjoys computer games, most specially RPGs. In fact, I’m a Final Fantasy fan. But I also enjoy the arcade-type games like Mario and adventure games like Zelda. But I do stay away from the violent formats. I also love word games and puzzles – my phone is packed with game apps that exercise the brain! Hoping that Megan’s love for gaming will show that not all gamers are geeky-looking…


Megan Young flashes a toothy smile at Cory Quirino, Director of Miss World Philippines…


Megan Young has the complete package — beauty, body, brains and all the good things that come with fame BUT minus the bad attitude. On the first day of screening at SM Mall of Asia, one of the judges, Mr. World Philippines 2012 Andrew Wolff of the Philippines Volcanoes, brought up her celebrity status. Megan made it clear that she was willing to work as hard as the next girl and did not expect special treatment.

It seems like she lived up to those words, simply because MWP would never let a brattinella, no matter how beautiful, win. After getting to know Cory over the 3 years she has led the MWP franchise, I can see how much she values good character.



While Typhoon Maring was raging outside, Typhoon Megan was storming inside the ballroom of Solaire! Not only did she win the Miss World Philippines 2013 crown, she also took home 8 special awards and gave hope to the thousands of Pinoy beauty pageant fans that we now have a queen who has everything it takes to win the Miss World crown. Our country has never won that international pageant. The closest we have come is First Princess (1st Runner-up) when Evangeline Pascual (1973) and Gwendoline Ruais (2011) competed in their respective years. Ruffa Gutierrez was Second Princess in 1993, twenty years ago, to be exact.


L-R – National Directress for MWP Cory Quirino, newly crowned Miss World Philippines 2013 Megan Young and last year’s queen, Queenierich Rehman


Many pageant fans had criticized Miss World Philippines for starting the search so late this year. The winner will only have two weeks to prepare before she flies to represent the Philippines in Miss World. But Cory Quirino said the elections got in the way as well as the search for a new TV station to partner with. But in spite of the late start for MWP 2013, Cory was able to reel in a scintillating batch of contestants this year and with a dash of her famous ‘Cory Magic’ she found Megan Young, a queen worthy of the crown.


Megan Young takes a quick breather on her throne as her court of princesses surround her


I hate to burst anyone’s bubble but I have to admit that I kind of don’t like this throne. Okay, I admit it, I REALLY hate it. But with Megan sitting on it, I’m kind of beginning to like it now. But hoping they scrap the chair next year. It feels too old school.


Megan Young promises to give her heart and soul as she begins her reign as Miss World Philippines 2013


“Why do you want to be Miss World Philippines?”

A Miss World Philippines is selfless, and to be selfless, you need the heart. If I become Miss World Philippines, I will pour my heart and my soul into helping others which is what Miss World is: beauty in giving.” – Megan Young, Miss World Philippines 2013

Below are more photos of Megan Young with her court of beauties.

Left to right: Omarie Osuna (4th Princess), Janicel Lubina (1st Princess), Megan Young (winner), Bianca Saldua (2nd Princess), Bianca Paz (3rd Princess)

SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCLeft to right: Omarie Osuna (4th Princess), Janicel Lubina (1st Princess), Megan Young (winner), Bianca Saldua (2nd Princess), Bianca Paz (3rd Princess)


Miss World Philippines 2013 Megan Young with ABQ author Joyce Burton Titular


Sorry, I couldn’t help that joke. To those who may not know (and I guess that means most of you) I was Miss YOUNG Philippines in 1981 so that’s one connection I have with Megan YOUNG, vague as it sounds, hahaha! Another connection – when I came up to congratulate her and take photos, she said that she reads my blog. WOW! What a thrill to hear that from our new queen! And third, we’re both wearing Eric delos Santos gowns. 🙂 Love it!