Direk Fritz Ynfante on Mutya Datul’s Chances at Miss Supranational 2013

ABQ Author Joyce Burton Titular with Direk Fritz Ynfante at the Anti-Pork Barrel Rally on August 26, 2013 @Luneta, Roxas Blvd, Manila

ABQ had the distinct pleasure of running into Direk Fritz Ynfante at the Anti-Pork rally at Luneta yesterday, Aug 26, 2013. Fritz Ynfante was the director of the tv production of my Bb Pilipinas beauty pageant in 1985. He has retired in recent years but comes out of the woodwork every now and then to do projects.

Right now, he is deeply involved in training our Bb. Pilipinas girls in the art of communication… so naturally, our chat drifted to Mutya Datul who is in the middle of competing in Miss Supranational 2013 in Minsk, Belarus.

The first thing Fritz said about Mutya Datul is that she’s a winner and predicts she’ll win the crown or at least make it into the Top 5. He adds, “Mutya has a perfect face and is so beautiful to look at! It was a pleasure training her because she is humble and really tries her best.”

Direk Fritz has always been sharp at predicting winners. When I chatted with him last year during the send-off of Janine Tugonon to Miss Universe 2012 (he was involved in training her too) he said that her detractors would regret saying that she was just a clapper. And sure enough, Direk was quite right! Janine placed 2nd in Miss Universe last year.

Back to Mutya Datul, Direk Fritz’s only concern about her is her difficulty in expressing herself in English. Thankfully, English isn’t the main language in Belarus so she should do fine. And with Fritz’s training I’m sure Mutya learned more than just a few things about handling questions and speaking in public. In fact, she handled the press quite deftly during her send-off. Click here to read more about that and click here to see a video on her signature “Salagubang” walk.

The Miss Supranational 2013 will be crowned on September 6, 2013! Show your support for Mutya Datul by voting for her here!

Mutya Datul (left) with the representative of host country Belarus...

Mutya Datul (left) with the representative of host country Belarus…