ABQ’s Next 10 Favorite Contestants in Miss World 2013!

Middle - Brazil. Clockwise from top left corner - Italy, Lebanon, China, Venezeula, Colombia, Lithuania, Australia, Indonesia and Martinique

My second set of favorite girls in Miss World 2013! Middle – Brazil. Clockwise from top left corner – Italy, Lebanon, China, Venezuela, Colombia, Lithuania, Australia, Indonesia and Martinique

My dear ABQ readers:

It’s time to take a break from the Megan controversy that cropped up today, just one day before Miss World chooses its Queen for 2013. Let me chase away the bad vibes with ten more of my favorite contestants. They are not in my main list of Top 10 favorites for the crown but that doesn’t mean they can’t shock us.

Enjoy my list and if you’re up to it, share your favorite with me. Would love to find out who’s hot and who’s not…




in alphabetical order…

Australia's Erin Holland

Australia’s Erin Holland

Erin Holland of Australia

Australia – Erin Holland is an accomplished opera singer and placed 1st Runner-up after Indonesia in the talent competition of Miss World 2013. The blonde bombshell has a gift for charity fund-raising which should earn her extra points because of the pageant’s strong focus on the theme, “Beauty with a Purpose”. (note – Australia place 2nd in the Beauty with a Purpose track, good job Erin!)

Brazil's Sancler Frantz

Brazil’s Sancler Frantz

Sancler Frantz of Brazil

Brazil – Sancler Frantz looks like she has been training for the position of Miss World from the time she learned how to hold a spoon. She is one of the most polished contestants and carries herself like a spokeswoman for her nation. She is a favorite for the crown among several pageant websites. And with her win in the Beach Fashion Challenge, she’s a major threat to all countries gunning for the crown.

China's Wei-Wei Yu

China’s Wei-Wei Yu

Wei-Wei Yu of China

China – Last year’s Miss World winner was China. Could we see a back-to-back win for the Asian giant? Highly unlikely, methinks. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if the regal Wei-wei Yu breaks into the semi-finals like a Ming Dynasty vase.

Colombia's Daniella Ocoro

Colombia’s Daniella Ocoro

Daniella Ocoro of Colombia

Colombia – Fresh-faced Daniella Ocoro hopes to bring home the first ever Miss World title for her country. While she does have that signature doll-like face, is she polished enough for the title?

Indonesia's Vania Larissa

Indonesia’s Vania Larissa

Vania Larissa of Indonesia

Indonesia – The host nation’s candidate has already won an early Miss World special award – Miss Talent! Not a surprise since she’s the 2010 title holder of Indonesia’s Got Talent. It is very likely that this fresh beauty will enter the semi-finals being the candidate of the host nation.

Italy's Sarah Baderna

Italy’s Sarah Baderna

Sarah Baderna of Italy

Italy – Loving this fashion model for her chameleon-like beauty. Classic features that can look soft or angular depending on her mood. Sarah Bederna is magnifico!

Karen Ghrawi (Ghraoui)

Karen Ghrawi (Ghraoui)

Karen Ghrawi of Lebanon

Lebanon – Out of all the middle-eastern beauties she the hottest. Tawny-eyed Karen Ghraoui makes me think of Cher and Vivian Velez. Thermal!

Lithuania's Ruta Mazureviciute

Lithuania’s Ruta Mazureviciute

Ruta Mazureviciute of Lithuania

Lithuania – This pretty sunflower is no shrinking violet. Ruta Mazureviciute is a Defense Forces volunteer for her nation. I like Ruta for her eternal smile and sunny disposition as seen on her Miss World profile video.

Martinique's Julie Lebrasseur

Martinique’s Julie Lebrasseur

Julie Lebrasseur of Martinique

Martinique – My lone favorite from the Carribbean is Julie Lebrasseur. I adore her for her delicate features and sassy vibe. This Veterinary assistant loves horses and dig this – she wants to be a blacksmith!

Venezuela's Karen Soto

Venezuela’s Karen Soto

Karen Soto of Venezuela

Venezuela – The best performer in Miss World, Venezuela (historically speaking) deserves to be in all lists because it consistently sends the sexiest and most gorgeous women to pageants all over the world. This year’s rep Karen Soto is already a proven winner – she is the Miss World Next Top Model 2011 titleholder.

Miss World 2013 will be crowned on Sept. 28, 2013 on the island of Bali in Indonesia. Visit the official Miss World Website (missworld.com) and support Miss Philippines World Megan Young on her official Facebook at for more information. ABQ will be attending the Sash Factor Viewing Party which will be streamed live via Rappler.