UK Paper Claims Megan Young has “Topless” Photos

The photo collage above is from Megan Young’s Rogue feature. Thanks to for the collage.

The International Business Times UK has reported that Megan Young might be ineligible for the Miss World 2013 crown because of ‘topless photos’.

Read the report of PEP here:

Now if the International Business Times UK is referring to the Rogue Magazine spread of Megan Young then I have to ask what is their definition of topless?

For most people, I’d think that ‘topless’ insinuates ‘kita boobs‘ (breasts & nipples exposed). However, in the Rogue Spread of Megan Young, that is not the case. Her back is exposed but… HINDI KITA BOOBS. Just like the models in many fashion and leisure magazines and ads. Even Spas features ‘kita back‘ shots. Hanggang arch ng pwet pa nga.

I have yet to see any photos of Megan that expose her delicate parts. Im believing that there are none.

So, now let me ask: What’s your definition of topless?