Support Megan Young; Use this Poster on your Facebook!

With hours to go before the final match between Megan Young and the rest of the world, lets all stay calm, whisper a prayer and think happy thoughts. Forget the controversies of yesterday, and look to the future.

And if you support Megan Young in her bid for the Philippines’ first ever Miss World crown, use this Keep Calm poster on your Facebook profile to show your support.

Coronation of Miss World 2013 is tonight, September 28, 2013 and ABQ will be at the Sash Factor Viewing Party later. You’ll be able to check us out online and watch the party via Rappler. Hopefully, if the technology cooperates, I’ll be doing a little commentating (and some joyful screaming and jumping) online. Visit Rappler later tonight 6 pm onwards and look for our live feed. I’ll put the exact link in this post when I get it later…

Keep Calm and Win that Blue Crown, MEGAN!!!