Evangeline Pascual’s Message to Megan Young…

Evangeline Pascual Miss World First Runner-up 1973 (left) with Joyce Burton Titular, the blogging beauty queen

Evangeline Pascual Miss World First Runner-up 1973 (left) with Joyce Burton Titular, the blogging beauty queen

ABQ received this beautifully long message below via SMS from Evangeline Pascual to the brand new Miss World 2013 Megan Young.

Evangeline Pascual was 1st Runner-up in the Miss World 1973 pageant (that’s FORTY YEARS AGO!) and for decades held the title of ‘the highest-placed Filipina in Miss World’ until Gwen Ruais matched her performance in 2011. Now, Megan has gone one step further, winning the crown and becoming the first from the Philippines to do so.

Here’s Vangie’s message:

>CHEERS TO OUR MISS WORLD 2013 MEGAN YOUNG! I’m so proud that she comes form my Miss World line of descent! MABUHAY TO ANOTHER PARTNER IN CROWN!!! More to come from the lineage of MISS WORLD generations!!!

>I didn’t quite know much of our lovely Miss World at the start but I have heard much great affirmations about her. She is detailed with her purpose as a woman, and that’s the way it should be. She is cosmopolitan, knowledgeable and real COOL!! She had something aimed at and she certainly knows her onions. My heart goes out to her and I look forward to meeting her someday.  Kudos to her folks, Cory Quirino who can run the Miss World Contest so well after Mr. Ferdinand Syquia de Villar, the original franchise holder of the Miss World opted to retire in the late 70s. Ferdie now lives in SF. Cory will soon bring the Miss World contest to the Phil. Mabuhay.

>My winning piece as Miss RP comes to mind. ‘Beautiful people means beautiful country. Beautiful country means more tourists. More tourists means more dollars.’  Begin with self and enjoy it’s ripple-effect. God blesses the Philippines. A beauty queen is the cross section of the country. Miss World Megan promised to be the best Miss World. That requires radical generosity with her good works.

>Advice on her year long reign? “We give ourselves to the Lord, all other giving becomes easier.” end.

I got goosebumps all over as I read this SMS message. For me 3 things stood out – her prophesy that we will host Miss World soon, a wish to meet Megan (wow, that would be a great photo op along with Gwen!!!) and third, her advice which should not just be for Megan, but for all of us.

Thank you Evangeline Pascual for your kind words to Megan and for showing us all how to be a true beauty queen forever!