‘Heavenly Signs’ that Megan Would Win!

Megan Young is the first Miss World from the Philippines! Just look at her… she SO deserves the crown!

Photo courtesy of Rappler, click here to read their article on Megan Young’s win.

Have you ever found yourself asking God for ‘signs’ in the midst of uncertainty? While I do ask Him for some form of clear guidance when I’m unsure, asking for signs is not my style. So it was quite odd for me to start getting ‘signs’ of a Megan Young victory. Specially since I could see with my own two eyes the capacity of our girl to win. But let me share anyway…

The first sign were the words, ‘clear path to the crown’. I kept hearing them in my head when I would write about Megan Young in my blog so I used those very same words in two or three posts for her.

The next sign I got was on the eve of the Miss World 2013 pageant. We were at the basement parking of Eastwood Mall and found a parking space right in front of the basement door to the mall. Never have we ever found such a perfect spot in that place where the parking is like a war zone. And yet we had a ‘clear path’ to the door. Those words again.

Was this clear path to the door of Eastwood Mall a sign? I don’t know but it sure makes me wonder!

You might be laughing at this point but believe me, I was laughing too, with my hubby, and we started joking that everything now was going to be a ‘sign’ that Megan will win.

Sure enough, when we got home, I saw another ‘sign’. The Meralco streetlamp at our gate was flickering eerily, ala horror movie. It was the only one flickering on our street. So I feigned fear and told the hubby – Oh no, flickering light, a bad sign for Megan! – then suddenly it shined bright; the flickering stopped. And I said – wait, it stopped! Maybe it means there will be a struggle but Megan’s light will overcome and shine bright!

Oddly enough, that very same day I had received an alarming text from Miss World Philippines Director Cory Quirino that there was a plot to disqualify Megan Young from Miss World 2013. Her text came on the heels of a UK news story about what it claimed were ‘topless’ photos of Megan Young.

Yet in spite of all that struggle (=flickering) Megan was announced winner of the Top Model Challenge Event and placed high in two other key events. Her light shined bright over and above the controversy.

The last ‘sign’ I got came in the form of stormy rain clouds that hovered over Metro Manila as we were driving to the Sash Factor viewing party for Miss World.

Storms are not always bad signs...

Storms are not always bad signs…

I started to laugh really hard telling my hubby – Look! Its storming just like the night she won Miss World Philippines! Its a sign!!! – Then I posted that on my Facebook profile. Although we were making a joke out of it, I was secretly beginning to think that maybe these were indeed real signs from above.

Of course, now that Megan Young has won and I obviously have hindsight, its easy to call them signs from God, right? At this point I really don’t know; it seems much easier to be the doubting Thomas. And yet at the same time I do believe that its not beyond the good Lord to send a sign or two to us folks on earth.

What about you? Did you get any indication that Megan would win? I really wonder what signs you got…