Open Letter to Congress on its Honor for Megan…

Dear Congress/House of Representatives,

It was really nice that some of you came up with a resolution to commend and honor Megan Young for being the Philippines’ first ever Miss World titlist. Megan deserves it because she fought the good fight. Her goal now is to be the best Miss World ever.

Is your goal to be the best of congressmen ever?

I think all of you in the House of Representatives need to be like Megan and fight the good fight. And most of all stop stealing the people’s money and lying about it too. That would be the right way to honor her; not through your words but by your actions.

Don’t even think for a second that we have forgotten the pork barrel issue. We will continue to push for justice.

Truly, it is hard to believe that our nation has reached the point where our beauty queens are far more honorable than many of you in Congress and even the Senate.

Sincerely, but not yours,