Territorial Dispute Over Megan Young?

Hoy, Pinay ito!

Hoy, Pinay ito!

First it was China wanting to grab some of our islands. Now, America is trying to claim one of our beauty queens!

When CNN released it’s announcement on Megan Young’s victory at Miss World 2013, more than just a few Filipinos felt slighted. The article seemed to be saying that Megan was purely American.

It’s opening sentence was:

A new Miss World was crowned Saturday, and though she competed as Miss Philippines, she hails from the United States.

Although the article doesn’t say it straight, by the time you finish reading it, you’ll be thinking that the Philippines sent an American girl to compete in Miss World 2013. Not once did the writer mention that Megan’s mother is Filipina. I wondered why a CNN writer would omit such an important fact and then put a spin on her nationality.

Well, The Adobo Chronicles, came up with an answer to that question saying, “the United States was aiming for the “grand slam” at this year’s Miss World beauty pageant.” The article went on to say that, the US filed a formal protest saying that Megan Young should be credited as a US entry as well.

Preposterous? Of course it is! The Adobo Chronicles is a lampoon! It spoofs the news.  And if you click on the About page of the website it says that the writer combines “fact and fiction… (and) figments of.. imagination.” And if you look carefully, right under it’s title it says, “Your Source of Unbelievable News!” – which should clue you in on what kind of site it is.

So it was pretty funny to see the Inquirer call it a ‘false report’. Well, I’m assuming that the Inquirer was referring to the Adobo Chronicles when it it said:

“A false report circulated online alleging that the United States had protested Young’s victory and that US citizens had petitioned Miss World organizers, saying she should also represent them since her father was American.”

Looks like someone took the spoof seriously, hehehe…

As for me, I wasn’t bothered by the CNN report. Even the DeDiva racist chick’s nasty comments on Facebook did not faze me. Megan Young might have an American-sounding last name but she is Filipina, carried the Philippine colors in the Miss World pageant and won the crown!!!

But wait… ‘Young’ also sounds Chinese. Could this mean China will claim her too?



***note: in case someone says I’m a photo-plagiarist, let me give proper credit – the photo above is originally from Rappler.com, I just manipulated it a little… hope you like it!