ABQ Mourns the Passing of Entertainment Journalist Chito Alcid

Chito Alcid... you will be missed!

Chito Alcid… you will be missed!

***note: Chito’s wake will be at Arlington, Araneta Avenue from October 15-17, 2013. Visit his Facebook for more details.

It was with shock that I received a text from Chito Alcid’s phone that said, “My Dad is with the Lord right now. He passed away 12:43pm.” I quickly called the number and heard a young man answer. I found out that he was Christopher, the son of Chito. I never knew that Chito had a son! Christopher explained to me that he had always stayed out of the limelight but that they lived in the same house.

I will remember Chito Alcid for inviting me to once host and then again to be a judge in his Miss Gay Universe pageant. I will also never forget him for writing about my charity work in his column. The last time I saw him was at a Miss Earth Philippines event this year at the F-1 hotel. We shared an elevator ride together and he talked about his charity work with a certain home for aging gays. Weeks later, I discovered on his Facebook that doctors found cancerous tumors in his body and that all his friends were praying for him.

According to Christopher they will be posting the details of Chito Alcid’s wake on his Facebook page. They will be following his dad’s wishes which he had already posted on FB on September 9, 2013. Although Chito was praying for a miracle, he was preparing for the worst.

But the worst has not happened. Chito will live forever in our hearts and in the hundred of articles he has written. And hopefully one day, we’ll all get to see him again in Heaven. God bless you Chito Alcid, rest in peace.

Thank you Chito Alcid for this article... I always remember you fondly...

Thank you Chito Alcid for this article… I will always remember you fondly…