Beauty Queen Anna Igpit Asks You to Help Bohol After Devastating Quake!

Anna Maris Igpit asks for help in behalf of Boholanos who recently suffered a 7.2 earthquake

Anna Maris Igpit asks for help in behalf of Boholanos who recently suffered a 7.2 earthquake

Just got off the phone with Anna Maris Igpit, Bb. Pilipinas World 2006 who informed me that she had just set up a relief operations project called Oplan Bangon Bohol in response to the shocking 7.2 earthquake that rocked the island province of Bohol. Anna Igpit is from Panglao, a sleepy beach-side town on one of the tips of the island.

Here is her message to you:

I am currently at a loss for words now with all the help and support we are getting from our Kababayans from all over the country and the world. Thank you to everyone who extended help and for those of you who wish to donate or volunteer, you are all very welcome. This just gives me hope that our Bayanihan spirit is still very much alive. Our beloved province of Bohol may have been shaken, but not our faith. We are descendants of Dagohoy, we have strong blood. We shall rise again. BANGON BOHOL!

Click here to get to the Facebook of Oplan Bangon Bohol for information on how to donate.

Bangon Bohol is a team of young Boholanos from Manila, Davao and Cebu. Their first action was to set up a Facebook Page where people can get information on how to donate relief goods. Anna says they are welcoming cash donations as well. She says, “please private message me on Facebook and I’ll get in touch with those who want to make cash donations.”

With Raul Gatal during Miss Panglao 2012 in Bohol.

With Raul Gatal during Miss Panglao 2012 in Bohol.

One of ABQ’s frequent commenters, Cool Brew is also from Panglao and is close to Anna. I spoke to him as well just an hour before writing this and he says that’s it’s really bad in Bohol. “The death toll is rising and we have so many destroyed churches. We are still in shock, but I am fine and working hard on relief operations.” He adds that the Chocolate Hills were affected by the quake and seem to ‘melting.’ (At the time of this posting, the death toll in Bohol and Cebu was listed at 97.)

Raul is also a blogger and the photo of us here is from his blog which you can visit here.

Scroll down to see photos from British citizen Robert Poole who happened to be in Panglao when the earthquake happened, He was one of the first to post photos of the devastation online and has since been contacted by BBC and CNN for rights to use his shots. Robert is now in Manila and is part of Anna’s Bangon Bohol team.

Anna Igpit says, “so many people started leaving messages on my Facebook asking for help. There were even requests for rescue by trapped people. They ddin’t know whom to approach.” As a result, she decided to set up Bangon Bohol and has since helped in search and rescue by relaying messages sent to her Facebook to a rescue unit assisting in Bohol itself.

Thankfully, Anna’s sister Alma, who is based in Panglao is fine, along with her family. Alma works for the local Fire Department and is actively working on relief operations and updating Anna who is currently in Manila. “I’ll be flying to Bohol tomorrow (Oct. 17, 2013) to see the damage for myself and to see what people need most.”

Anna adds that she also started the hashtag #rescuebohol for Twitter users.

Bangon Bohol will be partnering with GMA7’s Kapuso Foundation. Anna Igpit is one of the network’s TV show hosts. She has had a travel show with them for the past 6 years. Kapuso has set up a headquarters in Panglao.

Anna Igpit hopes that you can find it in your heart to do something for Bohol….

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Note the Chocolate Hills in the background.

Note the Chocolate Hills in the background.