Ariella Arida’s Send-off to Miss Universe 2013!

Beautiful smile on Ariella Arida... Could she be the next Miss Universe?

Beautiful smile on Ariella Arida… Could she be the next Miss Universe?

Just got home from Ariella “Ara” Arida’s sendoff party at Gloria Maris restaurant in Gateway, Cubao. I’m exhausted and need to sleep early for an indie film shoot tomorrow so I’ll just tease you with a few photos of what transpired at the event. Just look at how she walked into the room below. Much power in those legs. Boy, those legs are just gorgeous and not an ounce of fat on her body it seems. Can’t wait to see her in a bikini. From what I heard, fitness coach John Jay Cuay worked her so hard that she’s now ripped.Β  But I still can’t get over her legs….

Ara Arida enters the room at her send off party to Miss Universe 2013...

Ara Arida enters the room at her send off party to Miss Universe 2013…

That is how to walk into ANY place. Most specially the Miss Universe arena. Ariella’s got the moves so I’m quite happy. But unfortunately her signature walk doesn’t really have a catchy name. Ara Arida explains that Bb. Pilipinas opted to call her walk – The Miss Universe Walk – in a bid to claim the title as early as now.

And I was just getting used to the idea of cute names for the queens’ signature walks… oh well…

Ariella says she’s leaving on Monday, October 21, 2013 for a chilly Russia that will range from -2ΒΊ to 4ΒΊC and maybe even lower as the days go by. Indeed, she’ll have to get used to the cold weather and have a warm wardrobe. I just hope her skin cooperates because changes in temperature and humidity can wreak havoc on the most flawless skin.

Ooooh, another photo of Ariella with her beautifully sculpted long legs. We can only see her shins below but they are magnificent don’t you think?

 Ara Arida talks to the press..

Ara Arida talks to the press..

With the recent victories of Mutya Datul who won Miss Supranational 2013 and Megan Young who won Miss World 2013, Ariella Arida faces intense pressure to win the Miss Universe 2013 crown. She has her fair share of detractors (don’t we all?) who have criticized her from the way she speaks to the way she looks. But Ariella Arida is brushing off the bashers because they ain’t good bedfellows and she needs her beauty sleep instead of worrying about what people say about her.

Here’s one more photo of the dusky Laguna lass whose beauty has been described as Latina-ish. For me, Ara reminds me of a young Liza Nakpil, the half-sister of Miss International 1964 Gemma Cruz.



OMG, I just love her send-off poster! And before I get any more excited, I’ll now call it a day but I promise you more photos of Ara coming up in the next few days… Goodnighty!