Ara Arida Reportedly Topped the Swimsuit but Floundered in the Gown Competition

Jakelyne Oliveira ( Brazil), Constanza Baez (Ecuador), Patricia Yurena Rodriguez (Spain), Ariella Arida (Philippines) and Gabriella Isler (Venezuela)

Jakelyne Oliveira ( Brazil), Constanza Baez (Ecuador), Patricia Yurena Rodriguez (Spain), Ariella Arida (Philippines) and Gabriella Isler (Venezuela)

I have always been torn between these two schools of thought regarding the evening gown competition:

School of thought #1: The gown is so important that it can spell victory or defeat.

School of thought #2: The gown doesn’t make the girl. If she is a winner, she can wear anything and still win.

My belief is a blend of the above: the gown doesn’t make the girl but dress her up anyway in something universally fabulous.

I haven’t hidden the fact that I had mixed feelings (not very good ones) about the Alfredo Barazza gown that Ariella wore. I believe she would have won or placed higher if she had a better gown and maybe a different styling.

One ABQ reader supported my theory by sending this comment which I’d like to repost. According to his figures Ariella was Number 1 in the swimsuit competition but came in second to the last in the evening gown competition. Please remember that the figures listed below are not verified yet so read it with a grain of salt. This comment was sent in by ‘Liquid Days’. Here goes:

Here in the US, apparently you can participate in NBC’s ‘You Be The Judge’ experience by judging the candidates while watching the pageant. You can then compare your ratings with the actual judges’ ratings. In other words, we now get to see the judges’ scores! I have copied the judges’ scores posted in one of the message threads at the United States Beauty board (at and pasted them below. I hope these are accurate. Note Miss Philippines’ score on evening gown and it might partly answer the question you posed in this blog post.

I was hesitant about posting them here because I did not want to spread any misinformation, but I thought it was most relevant to your question. Also, several individuals who participated in the ‘You Be The Judge’ experience seem to verify the scores in that message thread I mentioned, so I suspect the numbers are accurate. I tried to confirm the information by trying to participate but it looks like I couldn’t anymore because the TV broadcast already ended here in the Midwest. I believe those in the West coast can still participate since the broadcast may not have started yet.

Regardless, we are very proud of Ara! Thank you, Joyce!


(1) PHILIPPINES – 9.430

(2) VENEZUELA – 9.417

(3) SPAIN – 9.217

(4) BRAZIL – 9.200

(5) USA – 9.033

(6) GREAT BRITAIN – 8.917

(7) ECUADOR – 8.867

(7) INDIA – 8.867

(7) UKRAINE – 8.867


(11) COSTA RICA – 8.717

(12) PUERTO RICO – 8.633

(13) INDONESIA – 8.433

(14) SWITZERLAND – 8.333

(15) CHINA – 8.267

(16) NICARAGUA – 8.017

 Evening Gown:

(1) VENEZUELA – 9.727

(2) ECUADOR – 9.583

(3) SPAIN – 9.545

(4) UKRAINE – 9.308

(5) GREAT BRITAIN – 9.250

(6) BRAZIL – 9.227

(7) USA – 9.182


(9) PHILIPPINES – 8.933

(10) INDIA – 8.433