ABQ on Same Flight as Miss Ghana Earth 2013!

What a treat! I arrived home in Manila (just an hour ago) on the same flight as Ghana’s representative to Miss Earth 2013!

I first spotted the African Queen right after I settled into my Thai Airways seat; we were about to depart from Bangkok. She was walking down the opposite aisle looking like a panther. I nudged my hubby and said, “OMG, look. Tall, gorgeous black girl to your left!”

Little did I know, I had just zeroed in on Miss Ghana Earth 2013, Amabel Klutse!

How did I find out it was her? As we got off the plane and walked into NAIA (which still deserves the worst international airport title, btw) I spotted two ladies holding up a sign that said, “Miss Earth Ghana”. I knew right away it was the tall dark beauty I had been admiring before take-off.

So I waited a few minutes and there was, Amabel Klutse, all smiles, willing to have photos with me in spite of the long flight she just went thru.

Well what can I say? It looks like Ghana sent a friendly eye-catching 5’11” stunner to Miss Earth 2013!!!