Lorraine Schuck Shows Off New Elemental Miss Earth Crowns!

What does it take to design the crown of a prestigious international pageant like Miss Earth? For Ramona Haar its passion and a love for the the elements of the earth.

“Designing crowns might just be my hobby but it is a hobby that I’m serious and passionate about,” the Florida-based Pinay jewelry designer says. “For the 2013 pageant, Miss Earth asked me to redesign the elemental crowns to be worn by the runners-up. The winner’s crown remains the same.”

Ramona adds, “All the new elemental crowns are made of 100% recycled sterling silver. Air stones are citrine and yellow Cubic Zirconia with pavé set white Zirconia. Fire stones are set with Rhodolites, Ruby birth stone & orange Cubic Zirconia. Also pavé set with white Zirconia. Water stones are blue Topaz, Sapphire birth stones & blue Zirconia.”

ABQ had the chance to have lunch with Ramona after the Press Con of Miss Earth last Nov. 21, 2013. Zeny Seifert, mom of Miss Earth beauty queen Sandra Seifert, was with us. Lorraine Schuck, founder of the Miss Earth franchise stopped by for a moment to look at the crowns and try them out.

Another project that Ramona divulged over our meal was a coffee table book featuring all the crowns she has designed. “If all goes well, the book will be launched next year in LA,” she gushed. “In the meantime I’m working on an educational video about the history of Filipino goldsmiths.”

Now, its time to check out the details of the new Miss Earth elemental crowns; check out the collage below: