Venezuela and Philippines Top ABQ Picks for the Miss Earth 2013 Crown!

Left - Venezuela, Right - Philippines, top right - India, bottom right - Korea

Left – Venezuela, Right – Philippines, top right – India, bottom right – Korea

My Top 5 prediction is: Venezuela for the win with the Philippines, India and Korea as the Elemental winners.

With the coronation of the new Miss Earth 2013 just hours away, let me try to sneak in my list of favorite beauties for the environmentally friendly pageant title. I’ll tackle them in groups starting with the Latina/Hispanic contingent which I believe is the strongest in this year’s competition.


Venezuela - left, Mexico - top right and Bolivia bottom right

Venezuela – left, Mexico – top right and Bolivia bottom right

1) My favorite Latina beauties start off with my favorite contestant and top choice for the crown – Alyz Henrich of Venezuela. When she came out on stage during the press con of Miss Earth 2013 she was like a butterfly that you just had to catch but couldn’t. The smile, the walk, the flirtatious moves – so perfect for the Miss Earth 2013 crown!

2) My next favorite in this group would be Yuselmi Cristal Silva of Mexico. Her unearthly beauty is so seductive and also crown-worthy.

3) Rounding up my list is Bolivia’s Maria Rene Carmona who I simply adore for her statuesque beauty and towering height. Her stage presence is undoubtedly superhuman.

Second-tier choices among this group are: Spain, Chile, Costa Rica and Ecuador. Panama as well. Although I doubt any of them would win the crown, they do have a strong chance of entering the semi-finals. But I wouldn’t mind seeing any of them place higher, of course.


Philippines - left, India - middle, Korea - top right and Thailand - bottom right

Philippines – left, India – middle, Korea – top right and Thailand – bottom right

1) My best bet from Asia is our very own Angelee Claudett delos Reyes (Philippines). The Olongapo native is primed for the most important pageant of her life and she’s joined more pageants than fingers I have on both hands! Is she worthy of the crown? Definitely yes! But she’ll have to find a way to surpass strong representatives from Venezuela, India, Ukraine and Thailand, just to mention a few. At the very least she is deserving of a runner-up (elemental) title considering her strong performance and number of medals. Although she has the most medals as of now (Angelee has 5), she has no gold medals yet. Could that be sign that our girl won’t win the top prize on coronation night? We’ll see what happens tonight!

2) Yes, technically India is a part of Asia so she’s tucked into this portion of my list. And wow, what a hottie Sobhita Djuliapala of India is! While I find other girls prettier that her, she’s got this oozing sex appeal that make her far more attractive than the prettiest face in town. Sometimes it’s just about the attitude. Love this girl and wouldn’t mind seeing an Indian Miss Earth 2013 winner!

3) South Korea’s Catharina Choi can also be placed in my Latina list since she’s half-Brazilian! While she has gone unnoticed in the challenge events with only one silver medal for the “I Love My Planet School Campaign” I’m putting her high in my list. She’s a regal blend of two continents that is a diving sight to behold!

4) Indeed, Asia has many strong contestants and I’m including Thailand’s Punika Kuntornrat in my list of top favorites for the crown. Although she is not the type of beauty that I favor, she is ranked number 1 (as of publishing time) in the medal tally (but she is tied with Indonesia at first place). Punika is a press favorite too if we are to go by the number of interviews she gets when journalists are around.

ABQ’s second-tier Asian choices: Indonesia and Singapore.


Center - Ukraine, top left - Czech Republic, bottom left - Bosnia Herzegovina, top right - Serbia, bottom right - Crimea,  far bottom right - Austira

Center – Ukraine, top left – Czech Republic, bottom left – Bosnia Herzegovina, top right – Serbia, bottom right – Crimea, far bottom right – Austira

1) Serbia’s Andjelka Tomasevic is another flirty femme with a smile that can knock you out! She’s my favorite among the European beauties.

2) Blonde beauty Anastasia Sukh of Ukraine is also another European bombshell. There’s this porcelain-doll thing about her that makes me wonder if she’d break if you drop her. Her simple but graceful walk and smile also show that you don’t have to ‘push it’ to get the attention!

3) The only redhead in ME 2013 (I think she’s the only one) is from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Vera Krneta reminds me, sort of, of current Miss Earth winner Tereza Fajksova. Me likey!

4) This next girl on my list might fit better in the Asian group since she’s half Vietnamese and looks more like an Asian than someone from the Czech Republic. Monica Leova would be an excellent choice if Miss Earth is looking for a spokeswoman; she’s got TV experience as a presenter and is quite easy on the eyes. It is interesting to note that the Czech Republic, which holds the current Miss Earth title, sent an Asian-looking candidate this year. Perhaps they believe that someone who looks totally different from the current queen Tereza Fajksova and who might appeal to the Filipino taste could win them another crown which would make it a back-t0-back victory for the Czech Republic. Hmmm… I wonder?

5) Crimea is pronouced as – cry-ME-ya. At least that’s how Maria Makater of Crimea said it when she introduced herself at the presscon. She makes me think of beautiful mermaids with her miles of undulating hair…

6) Yes, most of my favorites come from the European bloc. Austria’s Katia Wagner has that classic peaches ‘n cream complexion that one can only dream of having.

Special Mentions: Poland and Russia. I’m not so sure if these two will make it into the Top 15 but there is just something about them that pique my interest. Maybe because Russia’s Olesya Boslovyak reminds me somewhat of my favorite silver screen beauty Jennifer Garner and Poland has that waif-like beauty that appeals to my senses. The one thing I didn’t like though about Poland is that when the ten girls in her batch stood in line for a group photo, she stood apart from the group, like a foot away, as if in her own world. Could it be a sign of selfish attention-hogging? Maybe I am wrong because Poland’s Aleksandra Szczesna is too gorgeous to be a baaad girl…

Second-tier favorites from this group: France, Germany, Sweden and Turkey.


South Africa - left and Martinique - right

South Africa – left and Martinique – right

1) Although the black beauties come from different regions/continents, I’ve decided to put them in a separate category of their since they are singularly beautiful! My top choice among the coffee queens is South Africa’s Ashanti Mbanga. Out of all the dark beauties she’s the top performer in the challenge events with 2 gold medals.

2) Martinique’s Rani Charles is one standout beauty with her Rihanna-cropped hair and inviting smile. I don’t think she’ll win but I hope to see her in the semi-finals.

My other favorite black babes: Ghana (who was my plane mate on her trip to Manila) and Tanzania for her mysterious sphinx-like demeanor


I liked Australia when I first saw her but I’m not feeling the fierceness anymore. But she can still make it into the semis with her country’s strong sash-factor and her brainy-ness.

Canada‘s soft and radiant beauty might just propel her into the semi-finals however, she’s getting very little attention with her zero medal-haul.

I have mixed feelings about USA‘s contestant. She’s cute and pretty when she’s giving a full smile but is that enough to launch her into the elite circle of semifinalists?