Bea Santiago’s Visions of a Crown!

Bea Beautiful!

Bea Beautiful!


There is one thing I always ask Bea, every time I see her at a Bb. Pilipinas event. It’s about a vision she had while competing during Bb. Pilipinas 2013, the Gold Edition. You see, I am fascinated by visions and prophecies and take careful heed of them. I don’t let them run my life but neither do I ignore them. But before I tell you about Bea’s vision, let me tell you about the first time I met her. It was at the World Trade Center on Roxas Blvd a couple years ago…

My first meeting with Bea Rose Santiago...

My first meeting with Bea Rose Santiago…


This above is our first photo together. It was taken at the World Trade Center on Roxas Blvd during Bea’s send off by Mutya ng Pilipinas to the Miss Tourism Queen International of the Year 2012 in China. Trivia I learned about her then: Bea Santiago is a backpacking beauty from Bicol. Her family moved to Canada when she was 16. She went to York University in Toronto to study Communications and Public Relations. Here is the post I wrote about our first meeting… Click to read!

Bea Santiago's official photo at Miss Tourism Queen of the Year International 2012!

Bea Santiago’s official photo at Miss Tourism Queen of the Year International 2012!


At the Miss Tourism Queen International of the Year 2012 Bea Santiago stunned audiences but placed only in the Top 10. Not a surprise to this author since the pageant was held in China; given the political turmoil between China and the Philippines, a victory by our country would have been shocking. Anyhooo… with Bea’s experience in this pageant should give her an advantage as she vies now for the Miss International 2013 crown in the land of cherry-blossoms and manga..

Bea Rose Santiago. Statuesque and formidable on stage.

Bea Rose Santiago. Statuesque and formidable on stage.


The very first time I saw Bea Santiago walk on stage was during the Press Presentation of Bb. Pilipinas 2013 The Gold Edition. It wasn’t her near-perfect body that had me in awe; it was her stage presence. She glides like an anaconda on the Amazon river. I was stunned because when I had met her, she seemed so laid-back and unassuming. But here she was on stage, walking like a true queen, leaving stars behind her. Now I could really see why she did so well in China. She is a stand-out on stage!

Bea Santiago wears Jag

Bea Santiago wears Jag


A few days before she won, I had Bea Santiago pegged for the Bb. Pilipinas International 2013 crown. I thought the battle for that title was between her and Mariel de Leon, the daughter of actors Christopher de Leon and Sandy Andolong. Bea ended up winning it, of course. There is a rumor though that she was being considered by the judges for the Universe Philippines title however, she had residency issues and did not qualify. I can’t say that’s the truth; it is just a rumor I heard from… well, I can’t tell you who so I’ll just keep you in the dark on this one!

Bea Santiago shines like the sun after Nicole Schmitz passes on the Bb. Pilipinas International crown to her...

Bea Santiago shines like the sun after Nicole Schmitz passes on the Bb. Pilipinas International crown to her…


I think the first time Bea intimated to me that she had visions was during the send-off of Mutya Datul to Miss Supranational 2013. Bea adds that her mom and sister had a dream that mirrored her visions. This is what Bea told me:

When I was just a contestant for Bb. Pilipinas, we would go to Baclaran every Wednesday. And every time I would pray and close my eyes, it would just show up, the crown. Next to me are girls…  by my side. So I’m in the middle and we’re formed like a letter vee. It was that vision that gave me more confidence the night of coronation.

Nope... Bea's not in the middle of a vee...  she's 2nd to the right...

Nope… Bea’s not in the middle of a vee… she’s 2nd to the right…


But I have to point out that in Bb. Pilipinas 2013, she was not in the middle of the vee… so perhaps, the vision was a foreseeing of what would happen in Miss International? Anyway, during the victory party of the the Bb. Pilipinas winners, I couldn’t help but notice the Japanese leadership of the Miss International franchise taking turns having photos with Bea. They seemed to be enthralled with her. I’m hoping that THAT’s also a sign pointing to the 5th Miss International crown for the Philippines!

Bea Santiago... Body BEAutiful!

Bea Santiago… Body BEAutiful!


Bea says her schedule overall was M-W-F in the gym with the other days working on speech, communication, make-up and styling. She admits that ‘beauty queen’ make-up is new to her. She adds that the look they’ve selected for her in Japan as she competes in Miss International is different from the look she had for Bb. Pilipinas. So she really had to practice and practice. So far, from what I’ve been seeing from the Bb. Pilipinas official Facebook, Bea is doing fabulously!





The peg for Miss International is sweetness and youth, Bea says. She’s been watching all of the recent MI pageants to see what the winners have and so far what she see is this: 1) Don’t work too hard for it. 2) Be classy but be simple. 3) Be pretty but don’t overdo it.

Meantime, she’s ready with her speech when she enters the Top 15. Although she wasn’t specific, she says her speech is going to be about what’s happening in the Philippines. I have a feeling that it’ll be about how Filipinos are overcoming the recent tragedy of Typhoon Yolanda with the help of the nations of this world! How international is that?

Bea Santiago... shares her heart at her send-off party.

Bea Santiago… shares her heart at her send-off party.


When she spoke to the press at her send-off, Bea said that if it weren’t for God, she wouldn’t be there. She’s spent half her life in a different country and while she admits that when she returned to the Philippines she got depressed and felt lost. But now that she has made friends, they feel like family.

Bea says it was Venus Raj’s 4th Runner-up success in Miss Universe 2010 that inspired her to come to Manila. No regrets, she says, adding that she’ll never ever leave again because the Philippines is now her new world.

I just love the way Bea Santiago expresses herself! This is her other asset aside from her powerful stage presence. She speaks well and answers wisely. And although she claims that she doesn’t really cry, she teared up one moment during the send-off as she was talking about how her batch of queens – Ariella Arida, Mutya Datul, Cindy Miranda and Pia Wurtzback – loved her anyway even if she was too ‘madaldal‘ or talkative.

Bea Santiago (2nd from right) with... L-R Cindy Miranda, Czarina Gatbonton, Mutya Datul and Ariella Arida on the far right....

Bea Santiago (2nd from right) with… L-R Cindy Miranda, Czarina Gatbonton, Mutya Datul and Ariella Arida on the far right….


At Bea Santiago’s send-off, I had the opportunity to ask her, out of all the pieces of advice she got from her co-beauty queens, which one does she think will be the most valuable in her quest for the Miss International crown. She said that she would take something from each one of her ‘sisters’.

From Pia, she learned the importance of always being on time. (Well, in Japan, being on time is a virtue!) Mutya, on the other hand, taught Bea to give herself fully and with love. From Cindy, she learned the value of professionalism and going for perfection. Ariella meantime taught her all about relaxing and staying calm in the midst of high-level competition.

Well… I hope you enjoyed my rambling story on Bea Santiago and my moments with her. I have high hopes that she will bring home a crown for Christmas – the fifth Miss International crown for the nation!!!  If she doesn’t win then at the very least, she deserves a Runner-up slot. Anything less will be a disappointment for this blogger.

Bea is the last queen in this year’s Bb. Pilipinas batch to compete and so far they’ve had quite a haul of medals – Mutya won the Supra, Ariella got 3rd RU in Miss U and Cindy Miranda, placed in the Semis in the Tourism pageant she competed in, in China. We started with a crown, lets end with another crown!!!!

Bea Rose Santiago... Bb. Pilipinas International 2013...

Bea Rose Santiago… Bb. Pilipinas International 2013…