Bea Rose Santiago of the PHILIPPINES IS MISS INTERNATIONAL 2013!!!!

What an exhilarating finish for the Philippines! Congratulations to Bea Rose Santiago and Bb. Pilipinas as well as Kagandahang Flores, the team that trained her for winning the fifth Miss International title for our nation!!!

Another reason to celebrate: our main overall competitor Venezuela was edged out and did not enter the Top 15. This means the Philippines is the top billing nation in pageant competitiveness for the year 2013 with the Miss International, Miss World (Megan) and Miss Supranational (Mutya) Crowns, 3rd Runner-up finishes in Miss Universe (Ariella) and Miss Intercontinental (Koreen) and semi-finalist placements in Miss Earth (Angelee) and Miss Tourism International (Cindy).

I wasn’t able to watch the live stream due to work and stuff but I was sitting in a Starbucks Cafe nervously checking Norman’s Blog and Bb. Pilipinas’ Facebook for updates. Click here to read his Live Blog on Miss International 2013.

I knew that all Bea had to was enter the Top 15 and she’d eat everyone alive. The vision Bea had about the crown was truly from God!!! Thank you Lord for the early Christmas gift, all of pageant fans can now sleep like babies (or beauty queens) tonight!!!!!