Confirmed: Carla Lizardo is Recalled and Will Compete in Bb. Pilipinas 2014

Taken from Carla Jenina Lizardo's Facebook. But now she's back in the pageant thanks to some strange developments...

Taken from Carla Jenina Lizardo’s Facebook. But now she’s back in the pageant thanks to some strange developments…

In an odd twist of fate, Carla Jenina Lizardo, who thought her Bb. dreams were dashed when she didn’t enter the Top 40, finds herself back in the game!

According to a reliable source who asked to remain anonymous, Carla Lizardo received a call last night from BPCI inviting her to come back and compete in the Bb. Pilipinas 2014 beauty pageant after the franchise reportedly disqualified two contestants. The Ateneo de Manila beauty accepted and will soon be announced an official candidate.

While I feel bad for the two girls rumored to have been axed – Sherlien Dass and Dianne Querrer, I am pleased that Carla Lizardo was recalled. IMHO, she should have been included in the Top 40 from the very start.

How could they have missed this divine beauty?

How could they have missed this divine beauty? Carla Lizardo is a stunner and deserves to be in the Top 40!

In fact, I could not believe it when I first scanned the list of official candidates and did not see Carla Lizardo’s name! First of all, she is already a proven winner as Mutya ng Pilipinas Intercontinental 2010 and a Top 12 finisher at Miss World Philippines 2012. Carla Lizardo also happens to be a news anchor for PTV 4 – beauty and brains! As a former volleyball varsity player, you can be assured that she’s got a great physique.

As for the second girl rumored to be recalled to the pageant: the grapevine says it’s none other than Aiza Faeldonia but I can’t verify that story.

Now, you don’t have to take my word that Carla’s back in the fray since Bb. Pilipinas has yet to issue an announcement and heaven knows ANYTHING can happen at this point. But I stand on the reliability of my source and will wait in expectation for the announcement of Carla’s recall from BPCI.