Janicel Lubina Hopes to Win Top Model of the World 2014!

Gorgeous Palawena beauty Janicel Lubina

After the Philippines’ raging success in pageants last year (2013) the question is – can our girls keep on harvesting crowns abroad?

Well, with ABQ favorite Janicel Lubina set to compete in the Top Model of the World 2014 in Egypt, we might just get our first international victory for 2014!

Janicel Lubina, the reigning Slimmers’ World Miss Bikini Philippines (2013) flies off on March 27, 2014 to El Gouna, a popular tourist destination by the historic Red Sea. She will face more than 50 contestants from around the world. Coronation is on April 11, 2014!

Janicel Lubina on the night she was crowned Slimmers’ World Miss Bikini Philippines 2013

I know many of you ABQ readers were wondering what ever happened to the bikini pageant in China that Janicel was supposed to compete in last year. Well, she’ll be sent to the Top Model of the World instead; Ms. Caroline de Venecia the Philippine franchise-holder of Top Model of the World tied up with Slimmer’s World and decided to send Janicel to the beauty tilt in Egypt.

Its a better opportunity for our girl IMHO, considering the trouble we have with China. Because Egypt is a nation friendly to the Philippines, it’s a better venue. Add to that our heavily weighted ‘sash factor’ and good track record in Top Model of the World, Janicel could very well win the crown.

Best-performing Filipinas in the 21-year-old pageant include Michelle de Leon who won the title in 2007, Lorena Pangan who was 3rd runner-up in 1995, Cherry Ann Chavez, a semi-finalist in 1997, Justine Gabionza who was 4th runner-up in 2002, Rosita Defino who won Miss Congeniality 2008, and Christi Lynn McGarry who made it into the semi-finals in 2010.

ABQ author Joyce Burton Titular with Janicel Lubina, Slimmer’s World Miss Bikini Philippines 2013

So why do I loooove Janicel? The 19 year old Palawena has very pretty Filipina features and is simply stunning on stage. To be honest, she makes my jaw drop and my eyes pop wide open!

Coming from humble beginnings, Janicel Lubina is a pageant prodigy winning provincial titles at the tender ages of 17 and 18 before winning her biggest title to date – Slimmer’s World Miss Bikini Philippines 2013.

Now 19 and better than ever, the 5’8″ part-time model is thrilled for a chance to represent the Philippines internationally. The opportunity is extra-special for Janicel Lubina because she’ll be turning 20 on April 1, 2014 and will be celebrating her birthday for the first time in a foreign country!

Janicel Lubina has one of the best bodies in the current crop of beauty queens!

Take note that her team just as formidable as she is – Wanderlust swimwear will be her bikini partner, Edwin Uy will design her opening competition attire and finale cocktail dress, Philipp Tampus is her evening gown designer, Ariel Alvarez is doing her national costume while Kim Gan is supplying the rest of her wardrobe.

Janicel Lubina’s stylists and trainers include Domz Ramos for fashion, Gio Flores for make-up, John Cliff Dima-ala for hair, Gelbert Aplalโ€™s Rouge Studio and her Kagandahang Flores family.

Bon Voyage Janicel, bring home the crown!