5 Ways to Make Sure Contestants Don’t “Pass Away” During a Pageant

Left - Pircelyn Pialago who made the 'passed away' faux pas. Top right - Leslie Pine, the first contestant to faint. Bottm right, Bencelle Bianzon, the second one to faint.

Left – Pircelyn Pialago who made the ‘passed away’ faux pas. Top right – Leslie Pine, the first contestant to faint at Miss Philippines Earth 2014. Bottom right, Bencelle Bianzon, the second one to faint.

It was another field day for pageant fans and non-fans when a contestant in Miss Philippines Earth 2014, Pircelyn Pialago of Dalaguete said her roommate ‘passed away due to hunger. The girl whom she claimed ‘passed away’ was Fil-Am beauty Leslie Pine of Nueva Ecija, who, I must quickly add, did NOT pass away but instead passed OUT after over-dieting.

Days later, another contestant, Bencelle Bianzon of Duenas, Iloilo fainted during the swimsuit competition also due to over-dieting. But in spite of the fainting spell, she did have the presence of mind to say, “Nag pass-out ako, hindi ‘passed-away!”

Now here’s what’s interesting: no one got upset over the news that pageants were reportedly starving contestants. Instead, online viewers had a heyday with Pircelyn Pialago’s faux pas and now the term ‘passed away’ is trending and has become a major, major joke, ha-ha.

Without passing judgment on pageant organizers and dieting beauties let me pass on some wisdom. Here are 5 ways to make sure contestants don’t pass out or pass away during a pageant:

1) Get a Doctor’s Certificate. – Pageant organizers should really make medical certificates a requirement for contestants. They need to be fit to compete! Why? Because pageants are physically demanding. Just like going to war, you have no time for beauty sleep and the enemy is all around you. And then you have to wear those 6-inch heels to battle, yikes!

World Peace my butt! It's a WAR out there!

World Peace my butt! It’s a WAR out there!

2) Do NOT accept pageant applicants that obviously have to diet. – If they don’t have to diet then there’s no need to force them to diet. Savvy? Of course, the downside to this is that you might only have 4 or 5 contestants in your pageant.

3) If you DO accept heavy girls then let them BEAT (be and eat.) – This is a politically correct move that will gain you a lot of pogi points with the Fat Acceptance folks and give you extra media mileage. Besides, it’s best to let the girls decide for themselves if they should go on a diet – it is, after all, their butts on the line. Literally.

Big girls are beautiful TOO!

Big girls are beautiful TOO!

4) Get a Fitness Expert from Century Tuna – Have you seen John Lloyd’s first ever shirt-less billboard after his Century Tuna fitness program! Not bad ha? No need to Photoshop his abs anymore, click here to see what  I mean! Another good thing about having a fitness expert on hand is that if a contestant faints anyway, you can ‘pass the buck’ and have someone else to blame.

5) Make sure the girls have good grammar – so that in a worst-case scenario, they simply pass out and not pass away.