A Letter to Kylie Verzosa


Ever Dearest Kylie:

As the moment of coronation approaches in Bb Pilipinas 2015, my mind somehow drifts to you. And with you in my thoughts… I feel warm all over. I remember your mom being in Bb Pilipinas batch 1985, my batch… Gosh that was like eons ago but with you onstage tonight it suddenly feels like yesterday! I just realize now that you are carrying the baton forward, an offspring from Batch 85. And I am full of hope that you will represent us well!

But It will be a tough battle for you ; you face some steep competition yet it is not impossible for you to pull the rug from under them. Wouldn’t that just be wonderful?

I’ve seen you glow, where your smile lights up my heart; I’ve seen you strike a pose, where your fierce eyes make me melt; I’ve seen you speak your mind, where you astound mine…. and I know that you can walk off that stage a winner tonight!

Just one word of advice – always smile like a queen. Because when you smile like one you will move like one and hopefully think like one. Forget that you are a sweet simple girl and rise above yourself. Being a beauty queen means being a better you. And I know that YOU CAN DO IT!

See you later Kylie, you will have two moms cheering for you tonight!!!

Much love,