Athena Catriz is 3rd Runner up in Miss Summer International 2015!

Athena Catriz, 3rd Runner-up, Miss Summer Internatioal 2015

Athena Catriz, 3rd Runner-up, Miss Summer Internatioal 2015

A spot of good news for Pinoy pageant fans: a Filipina placed high in an international pageant held in Colombia days ago! Athena Catriz, a freelance model landed at 4th place. Colombia’s very own Maria Alejandra Serrano Sabogal won the crown.

Well done Athena Catriz!!!

Well done Athena Catriz!!!

What crown is this, you ask?

It’s the Miss Summer International 2015, a young pageant that is still in it’s early years. Its theme is tourism and it’s focus is promoting the summer destinations of each country that competes in the pageant. From what I gleaned after reading a Colombian newspaper, some 20 girls fought for the crown this year.

Sultry or sweet is Athena Catriz...

Sultry or sweet is Athena Catriz…

And who is Athena Catriz apart from being so obviously beautiful?

Well she is a 24-year-old pageant warrior with a string of titles . Here are some of them:

Summer Bodies 2012 – Grand winner
Sta. Lucia Sexybodies 2013 – Grand winner
Elite Body Philippines 2012 – 1st Runner up
Ms. Sophie Paris Philippines 2012 – 2nd Runner up
Ms. Slimmers World Body Beautiful 2012 Award

and… Tourism Ambassador and runner-up during Miss Global Philippines 2014!

According to a Missosology thread I read, Athena Catriz is a Masscomm student at Assumption College, Makati. She majored in Media Production.

Congratulations Athena Catriz for your gift to Pinoy pageant fans!




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