Kimverlyn and Alaiza Lead My Favorites for the Semis in Bb. Pilipinas 2015

At the top of my list for favorites for the semis are Kimverlyn Suiza and Alaiza Malinao. Though they are only in my semis list, I do not discount the possibility that these… Continue reading

Christi Lynn and Nancy Lee – ABQ’s Dark Horse Duo in Bb. Pilipinas 2015

Every year in Bb. Pilipinas there will be beauties that are like sharks: they come from the deep and snatch the crown off your very head! This is not to say that they are… Continue reading

Beauty Queen Spotlight: Janicel Lubina, Slimmers’ World Miss Bikini Philippines 2013!

Originally posted on Adventures of a Beauty Queen:
Janicel Lubina is Slimmers’ World Miss Bikini Philippines 2013! I can clearly remember the first time I saw Janicel Lubina – it was during the…

My Crownable 3 – Ann Lorraine, Hannah Ruth and Wynwyn for the WIN!

My next three favorites after Pia Wurtzbach and Janicel Lubina are: Ann Lorraine Colis, Hannah Sison and Wynwyn Marquez for the Supranational, Intercontinental and Tourism Crowns. But among the three of them I… Continue reading

Janicel Lubina vs. Pia Wurtzbach for Bb. Pilipinas’ Universe 2015 Crown!

I wonder if these two top contenders feel the friction of being next to each other in the numerical order of Binibinis this year. Pia is number 10 and Janicel, number 11, is right at her… Continue reading

My Summer Juicing Adventure with Hurom Begins with a Pina Banana Coolada!

With summer slowly creeping up on us, I’ve decided to find great ways to cool off with my fabulous Hurom Juicer! I’ll be creating concoctions with my Hurom every week and sharing it… Continue reading

My Top 5 Favorite National Costumes at the Bb. Pilipinas 2015 Fashion Show

Last February 27, 2015, Bb. Pilipinas selected it’s Top 5 in the National Costume competition; a competition which seemed in many ways a subtle apology to Filipino designers after the unfortunate comment by the… Continue reading

ABQ’s Top 5 Jag Jeans Beauties at the Bb. Pilipinas 2015 Fashion Show

In my previous post I told you how impressed I was by the overall performance of Contestant #10 Pia Wurtzbach in the Bb. Pilipinas 2015 Fashion Show. Click here to read about it.… Continue reading

Pia Wurtzbach: ABQ’s Over-all Top Performer in the Bb. Pilipinas 2015 Fashion Show

In a stellar display of consistency, Binibini #10 Pia Wurtzbach impressed this blogger in both the Jag Jeans segment and the National Costume competition which were presented at the annual Bb. Pilipinas fashion show held… Continue reading

Farewell to Spock…

So I’ve never really told you this but I am a trekkie. Not a hardcore fan who finds fault in the stars and every little thing about Star Trek… (except for Cumberbatch being… Continue reading