My Childhood Friend Francis M. Passes Away Today :(

UPDATE: May 23, 2009 – uploaded this photo of Francis’ final resting place in Loyola, Marikina. The photo below was taken by my good friend Doods Generoso who attended the funeral and who… Continue reading

My Top 7 Ms. Philippines Candidates

Pageant season is here and all eyes are on the 24 candidates of this year’s Bb. Pilipinas Beauty Contest which will be held at the Araneta Coliseum, this Saturday, March 7. I visited… Continue reading

Mission #9 – Finding a Hidden River Part 2

Here goes part 2 of “Finding a Hidden River”… The sound of the river stream grew louder as we approached the bottom of the mountainside. The rows of short green tea bushes were… Continue reading

Mission #9 – Discover a Hidden River

Sorry for the delayed posts – Ron sequestered my laptop after his Dell’s power cord conked out.  Oh well…   time for a sneaky blog… Mission #9 This mission involves going down into the… Continue reading

Mission #8 – Buy a Thai Jacket

The Akha Tribe of Northern Thailand survive by farming the land, raising animals and selling handicrafts like handmade jewelry, clothes, shoes.  etc.  But sometimes, you find a crazy Akha loon who goes around… Continue reading

Mission #7 – Visit a Buddhist Temple

Someone told me that in Thailand, every patch of ground is “guarded over’ by a Buddhist Temple on a mountaintop This one we visited in Mae Salong was a TINY golden triangle shining… Continue reading

Mission #6 – Worship God Tribal Style!!!

Forget packaged tours! The best way to get to know a foreign country is to be hosted by people who live there! They know all about the local stuff that doesn’t get published… Continue reading

Mission #5 – Do Aerobics Thai Style

Exercise is part of my LIFE! That’s why whenever I travel, one of the first questions I ask is:  Is there a gym at the hotel? Unfortunately, Laluna Resort has none.  Thankfully, they… Continue reading

Mission #4 – Meet a Long Neck Chick

I said I would meet a LONG NECK CHICK and introduce her to you. Well… HERE SHE IS!!!!! LOLOLOL!!!  I look so COOOL, don’t you think? Now how did I get that 10… Continue reading

Mission #3 – Hug A BOA

Hanging out with Elephants and thier snake-like nostrils (?) prepared me quite well for my next adventure: BOAs. Boas are generally AMBUSH PREDATORS. That means they’re like Venus Fly Traps; they sit there… Continue reading